OneRare Solid Investors Support ফ 2M Fundraising Results to Foodify the Blockchain Industry

OneRare is reportedly garnering support from top investors as it completes a round of over $ 2M subscribing fundraising to scale its unique gaming project, focusing on merging Food, GameFi and NFTs into one metaverse. It seeks to appeal to foodies and gamers from all over the world to immerse themselves in their huge foodverse. Fundraising will show that emerging projects will bring exceptional innovation in the near future.

With investors like Arkstream Capital, Momentum 6, StableNode, Exnetwork Capital, Enjinstarter, Everse Capital, Kangaroo Capital, Tag Ventures, Maven Capital, 1010 Capital, CSP DAO, Skyman Ventures, FF Ventures, Lucid Blue Capital, and FF Venture. As the main facilitator of fundraising for, of course there is a ground breaking foodverse.

In addition to feeding blockchain and launching a fancy and highly innovative wave of blockchain metavers, the OneRare project is designed to bridge the gap between food diversity, a love of gaming, and the creativity of digital art collections in the NFT space. The visionary concept has attracted the attention of top investors in the space and skilled advisers who want to be a major part of the project in the long run.

Sebastian Borgate of The Sandbox, Sandeep Nilewal from Polygon, Rabindra Kumar from Frontier, Nischal Sethi from WazirX, Edmund Trung from Formation Phi, Tarun Jaswani from Unbound Finance, Somjotra from Somjot, Prakash from Somjot, Altcoin Buzz . Solana from LEGO Games, and Fancy Sarangi, among others, are on board to show the way to the success of the first Metavers for food in the blockchain ecosystem.

Financing a new aspect of blockchain metavers

Major capital firms are increasingly interested in projects like OneRare. The project is taking advantage of the rapid development of Metavers to usher in an era that will combine the love of food and gaming, along with the growing NFT sphere, into a pioneering digital world called ‘Foodverse’. This is going to be a fancy and exciting aspect of Metaverse that will bring a new and exciting aspect of Metaverse to the blockchain of thousands of foodies, game enthusiasts and industry makers in the NFT industry.

With funding, the OneRare foodverse project aims to bring the global passion for food to Web3 for the first time. Exploring a new dimension of blockchain metavers, the project created the first platform for diners to interact with blockchain, engage with their favorite foods, play immersive games, and build a strong global community.

Raising widespread awareness about gamefie and NFT through a foodfide blockchain

Being the first food metavars, combined with the company’s fundraising as a pillar, will provide many unique and creative opportunities for OneRare and its foodvars collaboration to increase the widespread awareness of gamefie and NFTs as it aims to feed the blockchain.

By creating the first food experience in the digital field, OneRare has partnered with food industry and other Web3 project partners to bring a community experience around the global passion for food. Players can explore the four areas of Foodverse to play, earn, trade and engage in various activities. The project will soon be launched in a pre-ID at Genesis Shards with EnjinStarter and TrustPad.

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