On the issue of unemployment, Joe Manchin nailed his head

Joe Manchin called it the best: “We have 11 million jobs that we haven’t filled, 8 million people are still unemployed. Nothing matches here. The West Virginia senator’s instincts are right. Some of the labor market has changed fundamentally during the epidemic. Very few people seem willing to work.

The National Federation of Independent Business has been conducting monthly surveys of small business owners since 1974. The August results were disappointing. 48-year record high -50% – job opening news that could not be met. 91% of employers who are hiring or trying to hire report that the number of “eligible” applicants is low or non-existent. Did not report a record high 29% – Zero – Eligible applicants. They have increased compensation despite reporting a record high 41%. As a result, another record high – 28% – identified labor quality as their top business problem.

So, what is the reason for this historically bad result?

Conservatives believe the $ 300 weekly federal unemployment insurance bonus that ended in September has stifled the labor market. It feels intuitive, and Goldman Sachs economists say the completion of the project will “account for 1.5 million jobs by the end of the year.” But even if this is true, there were 5.3 million fewer jobs in August than when the epidemic began.

President Biden blamed the delta alternative for trying to explain August’s disappointing job numbers. But 77% of Americans over the age of 18 had at least one vaccine shot and 68% had both. About 700,000 additional doses are being given daily. Add people who have been vaccinated with natural immunity, and a recent analysis found that about 0% of the country already has vaccines or natural immunity.

The bottom line is, viruses or weekly unemployment bonuses do not fully explain the extent of the current labor deficit. To determine if there is any other explanation for a slow return to work, I’ve talked to 10 business owners in the retail sector that I’ve known for years.

Although some have referred to the Covid and federal unemployment bonuses as concerns, one person had their primary concern that people have lost the desire to work after more than a year of government assistance. Their experience literally refuses to hire potential employees ranging from someone willing to work which requires working full time, weekends or evenings.

Business owners were all willing to raise salaries to get good employees but they believed they were competing with a jobless government এবং and losing.

While Americans saved more than 400 billion since the epidemic began in July, the Biden administration has increased food stamp benefits by 25%, and Democrats now want the current $ 3,600 tax credit for children under 6 – and $ 3,000 for older children. Permanent instead of expiring next July.

Child tax credits are a good example of the growing government support mentality business. A very successful bilateral welfare reform effort of 1 year requires that a significant percentage of those who are taking up welfare work, if they are physically able. These reforms were good for employees as well as employers who wanted to hire. They helped struggling parents find jobs, become financially self-sufficient, and lift their families out of poverty. The labor market has grown.

Child tax credit ignores that success. Concerned about the structure – not the material – to sustain the program, Sen Manchin complained that[t]There is no need for work here. There is no need for education for advanced skills. Don’t you think, if we’re going to help kids, that [parents] Should something be tried? “

Manchin also got that right. But, apparently, encouraging work is not his team’s goal.

We all want to lift children out of poverty. We also want – and employers want to give – better jobs and fuller careers. But people struggling financially will not find that job if the government persuades them to live a productive life instead of realizing their potential, gaining financial independence and feeling the dignity and self-respect that comes with a job.

Government dependence is not the way out of poverty or the return to a prosperous 2019 pre-epidemic labor market যেখানে where labor and real incomes were rising, family incomes reached historic highs while poverty was a historic low for both generals and minorities. 4. since%, which is the lowest child poverty rate since 13 – down from 1 %% at the end of the Obama / Biden era. The best family welfare program is really a job.

So, if the goal is not to encourage work, then what?

Increasingly, Biden and Democrats are trying to integrate the Socialists’ dream program সহ including universal basic income cradle-to-grave government reliance. This is not surprising. As Biden acknowledged in May 2020, progressives have long viewed the epidemic as an “incredible opportunity” to “fundamentally transform” America. With the perfect number of jobs, the inability of business owners to find employees, and the declining work ethic, we have every reason to rely on their word.

Andy Pujdar is a former CEO of CKE Restaurant, a board member of the Job Creators Network, a senior fellow at Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy and author of “The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and Left’s Plot to Stop It.” ”

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