Oman Cricket World Cup loss due to cyclone Shaheen Cricket News

Oman’s cricket chief says they are ‘very lucky’ that they missed the worst of the storm.

According to the chairman of the Oman Cricket Board, Oman will face a loss in the T20 World Cup of cricket, a deadly storm that took a slightly different path to break up the Gulf state.

Hurricane Shaheen hit Oman on Sunday, killing at least 12 people due to strong winds and heavy rains across the country.

Video footage from Omani broadcasters showed vehicles submerged as people tried to get through the muddy brown flood waters.

Omani authorities said the cyclone was carrying 120-150km / h (75-93mph) of wind when its eye crossed the ground. It was throwing waves up to 10 meters (32 feet).

The Gulf state is set to host six Group B matches of the tournament in Al-Amara, near the capital Muscat, with three home teams involved.

Oman Cricket chairman Pankaj Khimji told Reuters they were “very lucky” to have missed the storm.

“We were very close to being virtually wiped out,” Khimji said.

“Our cyclone was just a few nautical miles north. It caused a landslide there and it destroyed the whole area and flooded the whole plane there. If this had happened in this area, I would have said goodbye to the World Cup.

Mutra beach in Muscat, the capital of Oman, was hit by high waves on October 2 [File: Haitham al-Shukairi/AFP]

Heavy rain

As a handful of hospitality tents were battered by the storm, organizers were delighted to see the green appearance of the outfield after the heavy rain.

“We got about three to four inches of rain,” Khimji said. “And it made the soil more green and green, it looks more beautiful now. It has washed away all the dirt and sand.”

The tournament was originally scheduled to be held in India but was shifted to the UAE and Oman due to the Covid-1 sur, and Khimji said it was a great honor to host such a prestigious event for the youngsters of the cricket world.

“The cricket that came to Oman is huge,” he said. “Assuming there will be millions of people watching the first game, it’s a bit overwhelming. How many times will an ally have the opportunity to host and play the World Cup at the same time? It’s unreal, I’m living with a dream. ”

The T20 World Cup starts on October 1.

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