Old Navy High-Waisted Kicker Bootcut Ripped Jeans Review

I remember like yesterday. I was in fifth grade, and I was buying new school clothes. I had it all – abercrombie shirts, limited-to-skirts, and platform skaters. What was missing was jeans, and jean shopping was the danger of my existence Finding jeans was always a struggle for me, and it never got any easier. I have a short frame, so getting a pair of jeans short enough around the waist and short enough near the hem is relatively complicated. Pants are either too baggy, too long, or too bad on my body, and after trying countless pairs, I gave it all up and decided to stick with jeans just so I didn’t like it.

Since jeans can be expensive, I like to visit more affordable sites to see what they can offer. Since I like to fit Old Navy workout leggings, I thought I would give their jeans a shot. I found the extra high-waisted button-fly kicker boot-cut ripped cut-off jeans ($ 45) weren’t too expensive, I didn’t have to lose too much.

Flash the front when the jeans arrive. I was amazed at how excellent the quality was for such affordable pants, and I really liked the wash too. The jeans have a casual back pocket and a nice cut-off hem that gives them a little edge. And when they fit like gloves, I knew my gin shopping saga was over. With short, long and regular cover fit, there is a size that complements the way jeans are supposed to fit your body. Whether you want to add a new pair to your collection, or you, too, have struggled to find beautiful and affordable jeans to match your frame, shop in front of pants and enjoy jeans for every body.

Photo source: Popsuga Photography / Loren Lost

Extra high-waisted button-fly kicker boot-cut ripped cut-off jeans

Extra high-waisted button-fly kicker boot-cut ripped cut-off jeans

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