Oklahoma unbeaten on CFB playoff, Cincinnati not so unbeaten

Oklahoma looks set to finish fourth in the CFB Playoffs.
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Now enjoy it, Cincinnati, because they are finally going to find a way to screw you up.

The frustration of losing 411-8 to Alabama at Texas A&M on Saturday night will end the Crimson Tide race as the country’s top team, elevating Georgia to No. 1, and Iowa is now No. 2 after a 2-2 victory. On the state of Penn.

Bearcats will jump on the Nitani Lions and you will think of Alabama as well. Either way, they’re in the top 4, and although the college football play-off rankings don’t start coming until November, and we’re talking about voting right now, you can see where it’s going.

Georgia, who have not allowed more than 13 points in any game this season, are unbeaten in the SEC title game, but lost to Alabama. The playoff committee is not going to exclude SEC champions Alabama, and they are still going to give a place to a Georgia team whose only loss is to the Crimson Tide.

Iowa, with no ranking team left to play, is undefeated to win the Big Ten, or lose the Big Ten title match to Michigan (which will remain unbeaten in this case) or one-loss to Ohio State এবং and Committee Oregon, the Big Ten champion to Ohio State. -In-conference, just-loss-not-being-kept-out.

Elsewhere, Cincinnati got a different result on Saturday that the Bearcats ’chances of starting to play poorly, as Oklahoma were undefeated, as the Red River shootout survived to its name in large size, even if they were part of the“ shootout a few years ago ” Meant with gun violence – It really makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

However, Texas were able to go 28-7 after one quarter and 41-23 with two minutes left in the third minute. Longhorns blew so hard that Oklahoma :: 10 left-4–41 was able to take the lead and Kennedy Brooks-yard run allowed the Texas to get back to parity before the Sunars won.

The Suners are now 6-0, and will have to choose their chance to play in the fourth college football playoff in five years, with only one ranked team on their schedule-Oklahoma State, which has lost 16 of the last 18 Bedlam tournament games. One thing that will give Oklahoma a break? With the exception of the Western Carolina Sunners 76-0 Clovering, all of their games have been decided a touchdown or less, and as much as a win is a win a win, it doesn’t compare when you inspire a ton of confidence, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kansas State And Texas just screamed.

Do we really think Oklahoma is better than Cincinnati? Does it matter? Of course not. Unbeaten Oklahoma goes to the playoffs. And thus an undefeated cynicism at the top of the rankings throughout the year comes to an end in this incredibly stupidly arranged sport.

Ole Miss catches it

Lane Kiffin took on a lot more heat as he lost to the defending national champions 22-21 against Alabama last week. Asked to explain himself, Ole Miss simply said, “If you push it away, it takes them longer to score.”

Keefe was talking about Alabama in particular, but also about Ole Miss’s defense, a unit that is very good at getting the ball back to Ole Miss’s offense – not necessarily by increasing turnover, but by getting a kickoff.

So, on Saturday, Kiffin went down five times again in the fourth, as he did against Alabama. This time, against Arkansas, Ole Miss’s offense converted four times, and although a much-maligned defense dropped 51 points, it came at a time when it was most important. Game-Deciding two-point effort 0:00 after Warren Thompson’s nine-yard TD catch.

If you make it, no one complains about how far you go in fourth place, and no one cares about your defense beyond 51 points if you score 52.

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