Oklahoma cancels media availability due to espionage?

The University of Oklahoma Student Magazine may be banned from the media for gathering information about what Lincoln Riley plans to do in the quarterback position this week and for ambitious reporting.

Oklahoma abruptly canceled all its media availability on Wednesday and announced that it would no longer have media access until Saturday’s game against TCU. No reason was given.

The reason most people believe is fairly obvious. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Daily published a story that included information on Suners practice and a quote from Spencer Rattler’s father. The second paragraph of the piece states that journalists practiced without permission.

“The daily saw the offensive practice method from a public building near the OU football practice field, where no athletics staff discouraged observation,” the story reads. “The Daily does not observe regular practice, but has done so on Tuesday with intense interest in the situation.”

Ratler was benched during the Red River showdown against Texas on Saturday and was replaced by new Caleb Williams. The Suners were trailing 38-20 at halftime, but they came back dramatically to beat their opponents. Naturally, this has led to speculation that Rattler will lose the job he started ahead.

There were rumors on Monday that Ratler had missed practice due to illness. His father, Mike Rattler, told the Daily that the absence was removed through the rally and that he was committed to the Rattler program.

Riley is almost certainly dissatisfied that the student saw the paper practicing without permission. If you remember, the goldsmiths took drastic action last year to prevent students from spying in practice. This is one of the reasons why Wednesday’s news was not shocking.

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