Ohtani ‘too open’ to discuss long-term deal with Angels

Shoei Ohtani created a lot of speculation when he recently revealed that there had been no extended talks with the Angels Front office and he further said that his progress was a “win”. Angels is now officially posting a losing record in six asons, with fans and pundits alike wondering about Ohatani’s future at Anaheim. Potential American League MVP Halos insisted after the end of the 2021 season, however, that he would welcome the opportunity to discuss long-term expansion (linked via the Associated Press).

“Of course, I will be very open to discussion. The team has been supporting me for the whole four years, and I am really grateful for that, ”said Ohtani through his interpreter. “Whether or not there is a contract extension, I just want, as I said before, to be ready and get ready for next season.”

Ohtani’s contract for the 2022 season has already been settled. Back in February, he signed a two-year, 8.5 million deal that covered his first two arbitration seasons (2021 and 2022) একটিa decision that the Angels must be grateful for in advance. Ohtani’s remarkable season could certainly earn him much more in arbitration on both sides of the ball, which he will receive next year under a two-year contract worth 5. 5.5 million.

It was a historic historic season for Ohtani, who lengthened 39 plate appearances as a hitter and also logged 130/3 innings on the hill. His home run on the plate was the third of all baseballs, behind only Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Salvador Perez. Ohtani .257 / .372 / .472 hits 46 long balls, 26 doubles, eight triples and 26 steals. He scored 103, scored 100 more and posted the fourth best walking rate among qualified hitters.

In Ound B, his 29.3% strikeout rate in 29 B was ranked 12th out of 96 pitchers who tossed at least 120 innings and his 3.18 ERA was ranked 22nd. Ohtani’s .3..3% walk rate was half a percent higher than the average starting pitcher, but his massive strikeout rate and average ground-ball rate (5%) helped make him a more effective starting pitcher in the game on an inning basis.

If Ohtani was able to roughly prove that production in 2022, he would have prepared himself for the most interesting and complex arbitration case in Major League Baseball history. An extension, of course, will alleviate that headache for the Angels – but its bright 2021 season has also complicated potential discussions, such as arbitration hearings.

Ohtani has rather clearly cemented himself as the greatest pure genius in the game. He’s two years out of free agency, so the first few seasons of a theoretical extension won’t pay him the full market value (although a new contract could theoretically start next season and replace his বেতন 5.5 million salary for a larger amount). Beyond that, the question is how much the free agent season can cost. Ohtani teammates Mike Trout and Yankees right-hander Gerrit Cole receive the highest average annual salary in MLB history, $ 36 million per season, when they sign their respective contracts. (When Trout’s contract was technically restructured to 12 years, 42 426.5 million, including two years and .5 66.5 million, he had already received a guaranteed extension, which gave him নতুন 360 million in new funding over 10 years hence. 36M AAV Fig.)

Free-agent asons that have been purchased so far are usually (but not always) somewhat discounted, but the inherent difficulty of pricing Ohtani’s free-agent campaign is multifaceted. He had a full, healthy season, not just two years off the market, but only in BB. It’s clear he’s the best-of-the-rotation caliber from a pure talent perspective, but he matched 53/3 innings in his first three MLB seasons (thanks to Tommy John Surgery).

The lack of stability is a clear red flag and strike against him. At the same time, if the angels wait another year to determine if Ohtani can replicate or overcome the pressure of that work in Mt. There is no precedent for a player with this skill, so his representatives at CAA may argue that any evaluation based on comparisons with other players and / or contracts is generally irrelevant.

After a bit of a setback, Angels should consider the full salary when looking at the possibility of maintaining Ohtani which would probably be a big promise. The Angels will take Justin Upton’s contract out of the book after the 2022 season – which will not pay him বছরের 28 million next year.

However, Halos is already paying Trout বেতন 35.45 million a year from 2022-30, and they will pay Anthony Randon 36 36 million in 2022 before paying 38 38 million annually under the 22 245M contract from 2022-26. Like Trout and Randon, Ohtani, MVP-caliber talent has proven to be their best. Trout has three MVPs and should be arguably more so, and Randon has a pair of top-five finishes, including a third-place finish as recently as 2019. -The first one will be his age-2 campaign campaign-but an extension that will probably pay more than খেল 100 million a year to just three players from at least 202-2-2.

The Angels are a big market club, but they haven’t spent big on the same level as other big market teams like the Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, Red Sox, etc. In franchise history, and owner Arto Moreno has not given the green light to his front office about exceeding the luxury tax limit since his return in 2004 তার his first full season as owner since buying the club in 2003.

There is still no way to know what will happen to the luxury tax system in the future, as it will be a topic of discussion during the ongoing joint negotiations between the league and the players’ association. Whatever changes will come will be the main reason to consider Moreno and second-year general manager Perry Minasian in talks with the Ohtani camp, as paying Trout, Randon and Ohtani in the long run will create a list behind these three. More difficult.

It all comes before considering the absence of a proven, cost-controlled startup for a team that has other rotation needs and annual rotation issues. The Angels have a number of interesting young weapons in their hands (such as Patrick Sandoval, Reed Detmars, Griffin Canning, James Baria), but they will probably need to bring in some experienced troops as well. There is also the issue of the lack of a long-term solution to shortstop and the growing, star-studded crop of free-agent shortstop. All of this creates an interesting long-term outlook on Anaheim, as should be expected, with unique talent like Ohtani and a big market club starving for a postseason berth as the Angels, who did not appear in the playoffs in 2014.

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