Ohio State K’Von Pope is seen leaving the team in the middle of the game, followed by a cursed program on Twitter

The state of Ohio has made headlines for the disappointment through the first three games this season.

The rest (-1-1) easily sent Akron 5-7–7 in the 1st week, but they made more headlines, this time for another reason. Linebacker K’Von Pope appeared to leave the team in the middle of the game after trying to enter as an alternative, just to shake hands.

According to Austin Ward of Letterman Row, Pope fell into multiple heated discussions on the sidelines and finally caught the attention of coach Ryan Day before being taken to the locker room.

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The pope tweeted two times during the game. One of them, Which has since been deleted, Read “F— Ohio State”.

The other tweet was in support of his teammates.

The day did not elaborate on the situation or the pope’s condition with the team’s postgame, but he said he was aware of the incident and the pope’s tweets.

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“Someone just told me there were some tweets, but I’m going to know the details of what happened before I said anything there,” Day said.

During the off-season, Vaughn was seen posting several times on social media that he was dissatisfied with his role in defending Bacchus.

The team lost another linebacker Dallas Gant on the transfer portal earlier this week.

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Pope, a senior, came to Ohio State as a four-star prospect. He appeared in the Games for the Buccaneers, mostly playing in special teams and as a backup on the linebacker rotation.

The day did not comment on the exact nature of the pope’s departure but said it was an isolated incident.

“It’s actually what, just a lot of guys, they want to play, and you can’t play everyone and then their frustration starts,” Day said. “I don’t really want to comment too much on that particular situation, but I certainly think it’s very isolated.”

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Day offers mild criticism to players who don’t want to stay with a program unless they can play regularly.

“In this day and age, boys can go after four games because they can wear red shirts, and then if they want to play. [transfer] Portal, this is their privilege. I took a hard time with it because I think when you pledge to a team at the beginning of the year, you pledge to the state of Ohio, to the arrears – that’s what you do, ”he said.

“One of the hard things is that you know you have to play some people, and you have to make some decisions about who’s playing in those games, and if you don’t really rely on the players, they can still be great teammates. On the field,” he said. Added.

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