Obama’s top official is advising the anti-Trump Facebook ‘Whistle Blower’

Facebook Whistle Blower Frances HausenAnyone who wants to publicly ban or eliminate conservative content is working with former Obama Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton and his consulting firm, Bryson Gillette.

According to Free Beacon – Burton’s involvement in helping manage Hausen’s public inauguration suggests that his argument is part of a larger democratic initiative. It is very clear that those who are listening to the Hausen attack questioning the 2020 election. It smells like another Democrat operation.

Frances Burton

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Burton does not believe in freedom of speech in America. He wants to control thoughts and content online. This makes him a tool of the left.

Eliana Johnson The Free Beacon reports:

Facebook’s Whistleblower, who revealed himself in a Min0 minute interview, is receiving strategic communication instructions from a top Democrat, according to a source with direct knowledge of the relationship, which is confirmed by half a dozen more sources with indirect knowledge of the partnership.

Frances Hausen, a former Facebook employee who has been feeding internal documents to a top reporter for the Wall Street Journal for the past 10 months, and who revealed her identity in a primetime broadcast on Sunday, is working with political adviser and former Obama administration deputy press secretary Bill Burton and his Bryson Gillette. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But Burton is now deeply integrated with an emerging infrastructure on the left that includes individuals and organizations, including the nonprofit Center for Human Technology, seeking to push Facebook more aggressively into political content.

In Hausen’s public meeting, industry and political insiders saw a sophisticated communications campaign that put Facebook on the defensive, from a continuous leak of leaked internal documents that gave the Wall Street Journal’s investigative series “The Facebook Files” a 60-minute blockbuster testimony. The testimony of the Congress will start from Tuesday. On Sunday, Hagen also launched a glamorous personal website as part of a media request.

“It’s present as an incredibly well-organized communications campaign,” said Kevin McLaughlin, former GOP operative director of the National Republican Senate Committee.

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