Obama moved far-left – calling open borders “unstable.”

Many on the left and Joe Biden’s supporters will be embarrassed after former President Barack Obama called the open border “unstable” after taking a shot at America’s failed immigration system.

Obama called the current state of US immigration policy “ineffective” and said that reforming the immigration system was “an issue that has been long overdue.”

Obama’s comments came after the latest wave of more than 10,000 Haitian illegal immigrants crossing the border near Del Rio, Texas.

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Obama hits open borders

While many on the right will echo Obama’s remarks against open borders, the 44th president linked the idea to a call for “comprehensive immigration reform” – Conservatives often decree a little more than a general amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas made a surprising acknowledgment that a large proportion of Haitian immigrants who have entered the country in recent weeks have entered the country only with notice to appear in court. . He said he suspected more would follow.

In a single breath, Obama expressed some sympathy for his former vice president,

“Immigration is difficult. It has always been because, on the one hand, I think we are naturally people who want to help others. And we want to see tragedy and suffering and families who are desperately trying to come here so that their children are safe and they are fleeing violence or disaster in some cases.

But Obama continued to criticize the Biden administration for not being responsive and proactive. He continued:

“No one understands him better than Joe Biden. And now the question is: will we be serious about tackling this problem in a systematic way, in contrast to this one-off where we are constantly responding to emergencies? And I think that’s something that every American has to finish.

Obama put it bluntly: “At the same time, we are a nation state. We have borders. The idea that we can only have open borders is something that … as a matter of fact, is unstable. “

Cut from broadcast?

Conservative media watchdog Newsbusters has reported that ABC News has cut off Obama’s “open border” comments from their TV broadcasts.

Instead, comments only appear in online articles about the interview.

Newsbuster notes that Obama’s border remarks came in paragraph 12 of the article.

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White House response

During a press briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jane Psyche responded to the former president’s remarks. One reporter asked Saki, “Does President Biden agree with President Obama that the ‘open border’ is unstable?”

Insisting on closing the southern border of the United States, Psaki stuck to his mantra, despite all the evidence to the contrary: “We do not have open borders. So yes, he agrees. ”

Psaki added, “There’s an immigration process, an immigration process – of course people get their day in court, but they go through that process.”

The veracity of that claim is disputed. In 2019, Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McEllinan testified before Congress that “90 percent” simply did not appear in court.

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Never a stream to end

Critics have blamed border chaos for the Biden administration’s repeal of many Trump-era policies, such as the construction of a border wall and the Make-Mexico policy.

According to Fox News, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has confirmed that more than 200,000 migrants have been confronted for the month of August, the second consecutive month where the number of encounters has exceeded 200,000.

In August, Mayorkas said, “We have a plan, we are implementing our plan and it takes time.” Meanwhile, Reuters recently reported that another convoy of about 100 migrants had left Tapachula, Mexico, for the United States.

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