NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird has resigned following reports of sexual misconduct

NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird, left, who was seen presenting the trophy to Rachel Daly in 2020, has walked out following reports of sexual misconduct about a league coach.
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First, Athletic reported On Thursday, North Carolina Carriage head coach Paul Riley was accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

By Thursday afternoon, Riley was fired By the NWSL team.

Friday, National Women’s Soccer League Players Association Announced That was requested by its members and their request was granted that the league postpone the games this weekend, “to give players space to process this pain,” not just the abuse committed by Riley, But methodically.

The players said in a statement, “It was not an easy decision, because we don’t like anything more than playing for our fans.” “It’s a joy for us to be presented in front of wildly wild fans under the lights for a sports day. We refuse to let that joy take away from us. But we also acknowledge that mental health struggles are real. We know that many of our fans have planned trips, scheduled night vacations, or raised family commitments to join our games, and this decision affects you as well. We hope fans will understand and support us during this time. It’s too far for any of us.

“As players, we hope that those who read this statement will hear that it is okay not to be right. It’s okay to take a place to process, to feel and to take care of yourself. In fact, it’s more than just that. This is a priority. ”

And then, on Friday night, the NWSL commissioner Lisa Baird was out.

It’s hard to unravel all this in 36 hours, but as far as shaking is concerned, to keep these problems empty, it’s not un a positive thing to see, Original Accountability in a world where this is often very low, and to see the strength that players have collectively. It will be important to move forward, to ensure that NWSL and women’s football make their way to America, with the welfare of the players at the forefront.

There are still many more stories to be told, of course, and some that remain unspoken. For now, a tip of the cap for players who came forward to get Riley out of the game, and for their union compatriots who made sure the league just couldn’t move forward without resolving it.

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