NTSB criticizes Tesla ‘fully self-driving’ upgrade: ‘misleading and irresponsible’

Tesla Inc. is preparing for a major upgrade of its driver-assistance software. The country’s top crash investigators say the move could be premature.

Chief executive Elon Musk said last week that drivers would soon be able to request an extended version of the Tesla TSLA,
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This is called “full self-driving ability”. The upgrade is expected to add a feature that will allow vehicles to move around the cities, expanding the suite of driver-assistance tools that were primarily designed for highways.

Despite its name, complete self-driving Cars are not completely autonomous, And instructed Tesla drivers to be careful with their hands on their wheels.

Jennifer Homendi, the new head of the National Transportation Safety Board, said Tesla shouldn’t introduce city-driving tools before tackling what the agency sees as a security deficit in the company’s technology. The NTSB, which investigates accidents and issues safety recommendations even though it has no regulatory authority, has urged Tesla on how drivers are able to use the company’s driver-assistance equipment.

He said in an interview that “basic security issues need to be addressed before it can be extended to other streets and other areas in the city.” Homendi also expressed concern about how Tesla software is tested on public roadways. Homandi Tesla called the term fully self-driving “misleading and irresponsible”, saying people pay more attention to marketing than car manuals or warnings on the company’s website. In Tesla’s case, he said, “it’s clearly misleading countless people to abuse and misuse technology.”

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