NPR Wildly Exaggerated Studies Says Drug Addicts Keep Their Meth Away

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  • Almost every study states that ‘contingency management’ has a small positive effect on addicts staying clean for a few weeks, NPR exaggerates that addicts work to pay and should be tried everywhere
  • Link NPR has ridiculously broken down by providing research in support of their wild claims
  • Leftist worldviews again disagree with actual science and what research actually says, quite unethical reporters did not even bother to read them

Our rating: The main negligence. MSNBCLevel basic journalism neglect

Directed outlets: April Dembowski | National Public Radio | Link | Archive | 9/30/21

If you notice anything with NPR, it is that they only consider those that fit their extreme left views, and they very clearly avoid thinking and consequences. The NPR is constitutionally incapable of considering alternative views, and it has become clear again in their recent article that the plan to pay California drug addicts not to be drug addicts has been discussed.

Running: It started: Federal investigators are issuing warrants to overturn anyone who typed in Google’s specific search terms.

It’s like a perfect neoliberal meme, so you know it’s all believable: if the rich with very little taxes give more to the poor who are deprived of their ill-gotten gains, they won’t use drugs to cope with their existence worrying about late-stage capitalism.

Too bad all the research involved shows that the effect is marginal or minor, but you’ll never know from the time you read Dembowski’s article in April.

The main violation:

  • Opinions as true
  • Unbalanced
  • Wrong presentation
  • Misuse of statistics
  • Missing context
  • Exaggeration

Here is what reporter Dembowski wrote in the NPR:

As meth and cocaine-related overdoses and public health costs continue to rise in California, state officials are desperate for more effective treatment options and are legislating and appealing to federal regulators to make offensive management more widely available. Washington, Montana and West Virginia are exploring similar strategies.

Because studies show that contingency management works. Treatment principles – positive strengthening strategies, primarily – are widely used in weight loss, fitness programs and in the family, as parents force their children to adopt good behavior instead of punishing them for bad behavior.

Research shows contingency management The most effective treatment For meth or cocaine addiction, especially when combined with other behavioral therapies.

The key phrase here in terms of influencing behavior is ‘contingency management’. Another way to feel less academic is to say positive results.

But part of the missing context is that these positive consequences don’t have to be financial, it’s just part of Legal lobbying This is also a part of this.

Debowski, a lobbyist / reporter, simplifies his intentions from a legal point of view:

State officials are desperate for more effective treatment options and are legislating and appealing to federal regulators to make contingency management more widely available. Washington, Montana and West Virginia are exploring similar strategies.

No doubt he has been contacted and someone has been fed to carry this story forward and forward these stories. Perhaps a public relations hassle for the chains of a medical center that contracts with the government and works nicely with the new contract.

Link to supposed research that proves Dembowski? Wait, Don’t tell me: Yes, that link is broken just like his ethics. [1]

This is the most central claim of his article and the link does not work. I wish I had put this up.

Research shows contingency management The most effective treatment For meth or cocaine addiction

Click it for yourself and see!

The most effective treatment is a link that is completely broken.

* This * Is NPR.

I dug into my own studies and literature and tried to find answers about the effectiveness of ‘contingency management’ on meth addiction.

Here is the standard that NPR has set again:

য়ন The study shows the work of contingency management.

Now, this method can positively affect weight loss, or smoking or addiction, but it seems a bit powerful to say ‘works’ because it means that other methods don’t work and also suggests that these methods work perfectly .

When you say or write that something works, you don’t usually mean that it works a bit. Or it works to improve some things. Or it has a small effect on the margins. When a particular thing works it is said to write that it solves hand problems. It ‘works’ to solve problems.

It is clear from the literature that NPR reporter Dembowski either did not understand science and studies, or that he was fundamentally dishonest in his descriptions.

* This * Is NPR.

Here are some relevant studies related to meth addiction:

In 2006 the American Journal of Psychiatry tested 11 people diagnosed with meth and those who received little benefit were treated and stopped taking the drug for weeks instead of weeks. [2]

A 2007 literature review stated that contingency management was a ‘good candidate for inclusion’ and still noted that other non-financial similar practices were used as a positive response to drug use and were not long-term research. [3]

This 2019 study in Malaysia interviewed 7 meth addicts and asked them for about 45 minutes if they would like to get free stuff if they didn’t have meth. They all said they liked free stuff. [4]

A 2020 literature review surveyed 27 studies. 20 out of 21 who reported their results in a useful way found that the results had a positive impact on ‘contingency management’. The amount of that benefit was not given. [5]

So what are the benefits of contingency management on meth addiction? Instead of lasting just three weeks instead of being addicted, they can have an extra two weeks. Meth is a terrible drug and it is great and all, but it is almost not the same as what NPR wrote when they exaggerate saying that it works and exists as a unique treatment for resolving addiction.

NPR wrote leftist fantasies of poor weak drug addicts helped by big sweet neoliberal unicorn tooth fairies that provide welfare dollars to relieve the pressures of capitalism, as science has said and is now off to debate from anyone especially evil-evil conservatives!

But again, the mainstream media has lied to us. It’s almost as if they don’t know how to do anything else, they are compulsively dishonest, deceitful and immoral. NPR and April Dembowski are addicted to lying to advance a political program.

Our rating: The main negligence. MSNBCLevel basic journalism neglect


1]https://storage.googleapis.com/plos-corpus-prod/10.1371/journal.pmed.1002715/1/pmed.1002715.pdf?X-Goog-Algorithm=GOOG4-RSA-SHA256&X-Goog-Credential= Wombat-SA% ​​40plos-prod.iam.gserviceaccount.com% 2F20210929% 2Fauto% 2Fstorage% 2Fgoog4_request & X-GOOG-date = 20210929T232600Z & X-GOOG-Expired = 86400 & X-GOOG-Signed signature = 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