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Prakash Hariramani, Senior Director, Product, Coinbase

Over the next few weeks, we’ve been making it easier for customers in the United States to deposit their buyers into Coinbase so that they can easily make regular crypto transactions, spend on Coinbase cards, receive crypto rewards, and more. Pay in crypto-US dollars and deposit as much as you want or your pay-check as much as you want. The future of salaries is coming.

Get easy and zero-fee access to crypto

There are many reasons why customers frequently move to Coinbase: make short- or long-term investments, earn interest on yield-producing assets, and finance daily purchases with Coinbase cards. However, customers tell us that frequent transfers are time consuming and inconvenient.

Now, the extra steps you take to move money will save you time so that you can immediately earn interest on your earnings or earn crypto rewards with your Coinbase card. Also, you will pay a zero transaction fee directly to the deposit fund – so that you have instant and free access to the crypto economy.

Maintain complete control

Control your finances by depositing as much or as little as you want in your paycheck. Pay in Coinbase or any of the 100+ crypto available in USD. Choose to pay in crypto so that you can make recurring purchases or earn interest on your earnings (by paying on USDC, DAI, or other interest paying assets), or choose to pay in US dollars to get ready for any business or To spend with your Coinbase card.

Just set up once

You can make direct deposits in just a few steps without leaving the Coinbase app. Tap Deposits directly in Settings, follow the instructions, and find your current payroll company or employer, and we’ll automatically update your paycheck allocation. If you prefer to set up a direct deposit manually, we will provide instructions on what to share with your HR department or employer’s pay-roll website. You can change your direct deposit preferences at any time in your settings.

Write the future of the salary

As you begin to do more with your crypto, from stacking to sending, we’re making it easier for businesses to pay their employees in crypto. We’ve partnered with a number of companies, including Fortress Investment Group, M Capital1 Capital, Nansen and SuperRayer Labs, to allow future pay-and-allow access to employees across the Creator Economy and financial services.

Stay tuned for announcements in the coming months as we make it easier to pay employees at Crypto for more business.

Ry Crypto Prize is an allied Coinbase offer.

If you choose to pay in crypto, Coinbase will automatically convert your paycheck from USD to crypto without any transaction fees.

Limits apply, see Terms.

3There is no Coinbase transaction fee but a spread applies when we buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies. Other standard fees may apply, and Coinbase cards will be shared during sign-up.

Coinbase card is issued by Metabank, NA, member FDIC as per Visa USA Inc. license. Powered by Coinbase Card Market.

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