Now Democrats are issuing subpoena for the organizers of the January rally

In a serious increase, on Jan. 6, Benny Thompson, chairman of the election committee, announced that Uppans would go to the organizers of a peaceful rally near the White House to be present before the committee where the current president, Donald Trump, was present.

The rally, called “Stop the Theft”, was a gathering of people who believed that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

Violence later erupted at the Capitol building, when it was violated during the counting of electoral votes.

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The committee wants to hear from whom

The Jan. 6 committee wants to hear testimony from Ali Alexander, also known as Ali Abdul Akbar and Nathan Martin. The two are attached to the permit application for the assembly.

A report from Axios claims that information released by the committee states that Alexander,

“The potential use of violence to achieve the organization’s goals during the Stop-the-Still-Sponsor event has been repeatedly mentioned, and claims that the results of the Electoral College are planned to meet with members of the White House and Congress in 2020.” ”

The committee is requesting records from Stop The Steel LLC, an entity associated with the rally.

Alexander and Martin will testify on October 28 and October 2.

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The chairman of the committee defended Subpena

Thompson, chairman of the committee, defended the need to take testimony from the organizers of the peaceful assembly, which approved the approval.

Thompson said in a press release that “January rallies on the Capitol ground, such as rallies near the White House that day, preceded the violent attack on our seat of democracy.”

“During the day, the protests escalated into violence and the protesters turned into rioters. The selection committee needs to understand all the details of what happened before the attack, who was involved in planning and financing them. We hope these witnesses will fully cooperate in our investigation. ”

Media outlet Politico is referring to the event as a “pre-insurgency rally”, although there is no evidence that the two events are linked.

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Not everyone agrees with Subpener

The bad news for the committee is that not everyone will show up to grill. Four of President Trump’s former allies are denying subpena and will not attend committee hearings.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former adviser Steve Bannon, former communications officer Dan Scavino and former defense official Kash Patel will oppose the summons, The Guardian reported.

However, the natural twist of hatred that often accompanies Democrat action, while committee chairman Rip Thompson is investigating what is being called “rebellion,” may have some knowledge of Thompson’s revolt.

In the early 1970s, Thompson was an alderman in a small town in Mississippi. There he publicly supported a separatist group called the New African Republic (RNA).

Thompson blamed local law enforcement teams for clashes with the group that left one police officer dead and one FBI agent injured.

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