North Korea fires ballistic missiles, disrupts Japan’s election campaign


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By Josh Smith and Hyoni Shin

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, removing Japan’s new prime minister from the campaign trail Campaign-Support-Ruling-LDP-DIPS-2011-10-1 and and a film to open a big arms fair -Co-dueling-military-show-2021-10-14 in Seoul.

Officials in South Korea and Japan said the launch came after US and South Korean ambassadors met in Washington on Monday to discuss the nuclear standoff with North Korea. The intelligence chiefs of the United States, South Korea and Japan are expected to meet in Seoul on Tuesday.

North Korea’s launch will be the country’s latest weapons test, which has led to military development in the face of international sanctions imposed on its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

A ballistic missile was launched from the vicinity of Sinpo at around 10: 1 a.m. local time, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, where North Korea maintains submarine as well as submarine-powered ballistic missile (SLBM) test equipment.

South Korean newspaper Zhuang Ilbo quoted an unnamed military source as saying the government was “assuming it was an SLBM test”, without elaborating.

North Korea has also launched other types of missiles from the area.

“Our military is closely monitoring the situation and is working closely with the United States to prepare for possible additional launches,” the JCS said in a statement.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said two ballistic missiles had been identified and that it was “two-table missiles” that North Korea had conducted missile tests in recent weeks.

No immediate explanation was found for the number of collisions of the missiles detected from South Korea’s JCS.

Kishida cancels scheduled campaign in Northern Japan The cabinet secretary told reporters that Kishida was planning to return to Tokyo to deal with the situation.

South Korea’s unification ministry, which handles relations with the North, said daily routine communication calls with the North were conducted normally on Tuesday and had no comment on the missile launch.

Flurry of activity

In addition to a series of recent launches, an unusual military show has been launched at 2021 in Pyongyang last week. -10-14 suggests that North Korea could resume military and international affairs almost two years after focusing on the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic.

Chad O’Carroll, chief executive of the Korea Risk Group, said on Twitter that “tests of North Korea’s new ballistic missiles show that the worst domestic problems could end in the summer of 2020-2011.”

“Pyongyang tends to focus on one big strategic issue at a time, so a re-examined military – next foreign policy – may now be a priority.”

Despite struggling economically under a self-imposed epidemic lockdown, North Korea has continued to develop missiles and expand its nuclear activities, said Leif-Eric Isle, a professor at Eva University in Seoul.

“Now that the Kim government is slowly easing border sanctions for limited external engagement, it is simultaneously testing missiles to advance its military modernization,” he said. “Pyongyang is rhetorically imposing a burden of strained relations on Seoul and has a responsibility to resume diplomacy in Washington.”

The intelligence chiefs of the United States, South Korea and Japan were scheduled to meet in Seoul to discuss the stalemate with North Korea, Yonhap news agency reported, citing official sources.

US Special Envoy for North Korea Sung Kim has said he will visit Seoul for talks this week.

“The United States is once again in contact with Pyongyang,” Kim said after a meeting with his South Korean counterpart in Washington on Monday. “We have no hostile intent towards (North Korea), and we are open to meeting with them without preconditions.”

Missile race

The missiles recently tested by North Korea have been demonstrated with the aim of meeting or surpassing South Korea’s quietly expanded arsenal, analysts say.

Last month, South Korea successfully tested an SLBM The first country to create such a system. North Korea test-fired a missile launched from a train the same day.

The two Koreas held a bilateral defense exhibition this month aimed at showcasing their state-of-the-art weapons.

As news of the missile launch spread on Tuesday, hundreds of international companies and representatives of foreign military forces gathered in Seoul for the opening ceremony of the International Space and Defense Exhibition (ADEX).

It is set to become South Korea’s largest defense exhibition, showcasing next-generation warplanes, attack helicopters, drones and other advanced weapons, as well as space rockets and civilian space design.

South Korea is preparing for its first home space launch at Program-of-2021-10-15 Thursday.

Although analysts say South Korea has some potential applications as a weapon in rockets, such tests are unlikely to be welcomed in North Korea, which has complained of a double standard where its own space program is criticized for developing military missiles abroad.

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