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One of the few people is definitely having fun No time to die, The new Bond film, Anna de Armas, who moved away with the film during her relatively short time on screen. Armas Paloma plays a CIA agent, and when his revelation that he had only three weeks of training makes Bond (again Daniel Craig) a little nervous at first, he doesn’t need to worry – he’s throwing bad guys at Flying Head Kicks. And a full-auto chatter-gun salvo that could be a successful audition for 008’s job. It’s too bad she’s not allowed to be stuck around (although she can at least go on her own, unlike many disposable Bond girls in the past).

The dazzling presence of Armas highlights the surprising blur of the rest of the movie. Oh, there’s the natural hit – the fists fly, the opponents tangle, Euro cars spin in the air – and some of it (an insane motorcycle climbing the ancient stone steps, with a blind jump from Bond to a bridge simply tied to the length of the guide rope) . It doesn’t rely on the proudly ridiculous criteria of previous entries in the 007 franchise. And in a film that is thought to have cost about 250 250 million to create, what we want can be glorious and even ridiculous.

What we get instead, in a movie that lasts two hours and 43 minutes, is quite a topic of discussion. Because there’s something here – to explain, mainly. First, the return of psychiatrist Madeleine Swan (Léa Seydoux). Specter, The last Bond film, now seems to be firmly established in the role of Bond’s Number One Lady. In a long and strangely flat introductory sequence, a few years ago, we see Madeleine wearing a little girl across a icy lake wearing a scary white Noah mask. It later became a demented terrorist named Lucifer Safin (Rami Malek), probably carrying the name of the most stupid character since Dennis Richards’ Doctor Christmas Jones. The world is not enough). Lyutsifer, of course, wants to conquer the world, or maybe destroy it. Something like that.

Safin’s headquarters are on a remote island that has not been occupied by villains in the past Dr. No., And Ernest Stavro Blowfeld in Donald Pleasure You only live twice. First-time Bond director Carrie Joji Fukunagar has no hesitation in setting up a nostalgic callback for the movie, including Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. Golden fingerIts retractable machine guns are still fully functional – and, rather strangely, “we have the world all the time,” a heartbreaking song for Bond’s newly deceased wife. Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Now re-established for another nostril-shaking moment in this picture. (Fukunaga tries to undo one of the grievances imposed on Bond in 200B Luxurious Entertainment Room-Craig’s first appearance in this role is where a bartender asks him his terrifying question of whether he wants to shake or shake his martini, and the new, more vague modern Bond answers, “Do I think I’m giving a damn?” Now, in another bar scene, he’s back to the instructions of making a drink-themed drink.)

E.g. No time to die To begin with, we are retired from MI6 and living in Jamaica, separated from Madeleine after an explosive holiday in Italy. He thinks his spying days are over until he contacts his old CIA friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), who wants him to do a job for a Cuban agency, where a key scientist named Obruchev has been abducted by Specter. Obruchev was overseeing the development of a powerful biological weapon called Heracles, which was designed to spread disease through DNA and be virtually invincible. The evil devils in Specter are the last people who should be allowed to get their hands on them. Bond left for Cuba.

As the story progresses – and goes on, and goes on – a lot happens. Bond learns that Specter has a business card. He learns that he has been replaced in MI6 by a black woman named Nomi (Lashana Lynch), and he has inherited his old agent number, 007. , Who still controls Specter’s disgusting activities from inside London’s psychic facilities where he was confined (in a meaningless expanse and very lectern-like glass cage). In this role we again enjoy Waltz’s hostility as we realize how inadequately attractive Lucifer Safin of Malek is, despite his island “poison garden” and his strange, chaotic face. The most serious flaw in the Safin movie,

Its most successful element is, disappointingly, not the usual abundance of gadgets (there’s just a cute new watch) or the conventional biplay with a parade of seductive women (it’s a movie without a sexy breath). The most effective thing in the movie is the romance between Bond and Madeline. Craig has not been encouraged to reveal much in his 15 years in the Bond character (this is his last round-round), but Seydoux seems to have a warm influence on him. And as Bond’s love story with Madeleine develops, it’s not hard to draw and it’s hard to move by in the end.

All of which are good and good. But this one Bonding Movies, for God’s sake. Where is the agile Patter, the invincible Joy de Vivre? We only want a few things from James Bond and “I love you” is not one of them.

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