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The legend of the hidden temple. CW. Sunday, October 10, 8 p.m.

The legend of the hidden temple Nickelodeon began life on the network as a kid game show for about 30 years. It was then converted into a TV movie, also in Nickelodeon. From there it became a board game. And now, to my fear, it is being presented as a competitive game for adults at CW. If we ever do a scope trial on the existence of distribution, The legend of the hidden temple The exhibition is going to be at

I hope my use of the word “adult” a few sentences inappropriately did not raise your hopes. (Jejune wordplay is purely intentional.) No one competes to be the first to commit adultery on a snake ass or something like that. No, this version of it Legend There is the same stupid stunt as everyone else – the same socially teenage dialogue. It’s the same rock-mouth-talking head olmec (you no doubt remember him from the Patty Hurst trial), the same stentorian warning that competitors are going to be killed by vampire bats, which has sadly turned out to be as false as ever.

CW clearly thinks millennials, dizzy with childhood nostalgia, will jump into it Legend; I think they’ll react more like baby boomers by taking a long sip of bunny farm strawberry heels: you mean we actually Drinking This swill?

Legend It wants to be a kind of game version Riders of the Lost ArkExcept for Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford or those funny Nazis. It consists of a team of two competitors, each running for an hour around the gorgeous mockup of a Mayan temple, trying to recover a lost ball from the ancient Mayan game Pok-Ta-Pok. This requires throwing lots of things, collecting things, falling down, and giving their partners this kind of knowledge as a “girror power”.

It seems like 20 years until the contestants talk, when the show’s Nickelodeon DNA is fully exposed. In the pilot episode, a pair of punk rock bands, consisting of a former cheerleader, and a couple of party girls “playing for our rent.” A huge prize of হাজার 25,000 between two teammates, a ransom for a king, according to one host. Maybe in Albania. In the 1950s.

In the end, the team won one. (Don’t think it’s too hard, but I’m not going to allow you to say any, even if I say “spoiler alert” at first.) It’s a moment of extraordinary gravity. “We have time here The legend of the hidden temple It’s definitely related to a journey in life, “one player declares emphatically. This is no doubt true, if most of the birds in your life are shot in cutouts, run after plastic balls with sticks, mix fake poisons, chase giant spiders made with pipe cleaners. , And throwing knives at animal paintings.

For the rest of us, if it can help The legend of the hidden temple Has introduced a little more ethnographic truth. Pok-ta-pok was the real Mayan game, it’s true. But which no one mentions Legend In the Mayan version of the game, the losers were executed. Talk about the thrill of victory and the pain of defeat.

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