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People say “more or less” and everyone nods when they hear it. That sounds good. I like Should Create ideas. It’s just Words How many wise people just do the part of shaking their heads but don’t actually follow the principle itself? Half? Most?

I don’t think young people are willing to listen and accept this idea, even if they want to. I think you need enough experience for your life where you are ready Rarely. You need to have seen some stupidity. You have to stumble upon yourself, a lot. Some deaths in the family. A few friends left. Some business ventures have crumbled. Some moments of complete despair or absolute tragedy. A few opportunities have been missed. It is only after that thing that you begin to realize how trivial and meaningless so many details are. How significant it is to get wide strokes right – dedicate your time to the right company or career, marry the right spouse, settle in the right neighborhood, establish the right habits.

Get that thing right. Think less about the “rest”.

And then you can start scraping away the rest. Before you clean the surface – desktop, tabletop, iPhone screen, inbox, whatever. Obligations to work overtime tend to fade. Why am I still doing it? I don’t care anymore.

What do you really care about? Do more of that. Simple but not easy. But now you are ready Rarely Mentality Now you can live it, don’t just shake your head with the phrase when you hear it spoken or see it printed. You can embody it. It takes everyone a different time to get here, and there are different paths, different challenges and obstacles along the way. Not everyone arrives Rarely. Some are late there.

I have this thing that I’ve been repeating to myself lately, it’s almost like a mantra. “No more side searches.” What is a side search? Here’s a definition:

Side Quest is a player’s purpose that differs from the main plotline of a video game. Side searches are used to connect players to the world, introduce them to their character, and help them discover locations. There are many types of searches with different purposes.

Have you played Legend of Zelda or any of its sequels? How many extra things did the link at each level in each region of the map do? Dozens and dozens of side searches. He was kind. There were side searches where he learned some skills, acquired important weapons and equipment, or made new allies. You did too. I did the same. We all had to do those things in our twenties and thirties because most of us didn’t know what the original search was! Find out what you want from all the opportunity encounters and networking and life experiences – a chance cup of coffee with an entrepreneur, a plus one invitation to a random conference, a friend at a friend’s dinner party – all side search. Some time wasted and some critical, but only in the background. You have to say yes to experience. You never know! There is a kind of cruelty in everyone’s success story.

But then you get to the point where you find the original search. And to focus on it, you need to reduce the side quests. You may be losing things but there is not enough time in the day to explore. On the other hand at this stage you will have another chance, when you grow up and you have made it so big that money is no longer a problem. But this middle ground – the main quest – follow it frantically when you understand what it is. Chase like a predator hunter. Do Less Everything else. As a result More What’s the matter. You can wander around with curiosity and wonder when the original search was achieved.

So I don’t look for sides anymore. As much as I want. The main quest is big enough: get kids into good colleges, create the most reputable wealth management firm in America. That’s it. That’s the whole point. My main search. You won’t find me doing anything that doesn’t advance both sides of this original search. If it’s not raising my kids or creating RWM, then it’s not part of my day. And if it is the opposite of the original search, well, you can forget about it. No matter how tempting it may be, you won’t find me involved in anything else. The less I do “something else” the more I can do for real missions.

You can tell when someone knows their core search because of how they carry themselves. The way they use their time. They are beyond reason. Long stretches during which you have no idea where they are or what they are doing.

The conversation is also true; The more you see someone looking for a problem or drawing negative attention on social media, the less likely it is. They They have decided what they want to do in this life. This is understandable for a while and then it becomes embarrassing as you get older. I know internet trolls in their fifties and sixties. How did this happen to you? No one stood up in their sixth grade classroom and declared their intention to be a problem when they grew up. Trollish behavior is a nice saying that no one has yet figured out the original search, or, worse, they know what it is but has already left.

The original search, if properly selected, will include enough interesting and stimulating activities that the absence of side searches will rarely be felt. We should be fully involved in the path before us to reduce the scattering of perimeters, pushing them further out of sight. Some of this scattering will inevitably break down. How do you handle them? How long does it take you to recognize what an additional side quest activity is and get back on track?

Every single day I get emails, messages, texts, DMs, phone calls telling me to do this, this or that. I am always flattering. I never deny my opportunities or treat them as their rights. But these opportunities – are they pointing in the right direction? “No more side searches,” I say to myself, just before accepting or rejecting, usually the latter. “It’s not you, it’s me. I have no energy or time to do what you tell me to do. I would never take a question and then give it twenty-five percent effort. You deserve better than what I can give you now. “People respect that answer.

Especially if they themselves have already figured out their own original search.

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