No matter what the media says, it’s over for Nashville Predators

Depressed trombone.
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I’m not sure Preds is highly thought of this year. It clearly felt like the cycle they were in was over, and there was the temptation to set the iceberg here, who were ready to break the goalkeeper-related heart in May. But I never missed the opportunity to completely hook up on the hunters who wish hockey writers to be loaded above everything else. The Prades are ready to miss the play-offs for the first time in eight years, as they will not have a terrific division to bail out like last season. And I, for one, can’t wait.

Why people are high on them: Again, I’m not entirely sure they are, but the Prades always get a more glossy precision because the media gathered in Canada really want to fall into their own piss when they don’t want to see them coming to Bachelor’s Spring on Nashville’s Broadway (emphasizing “Horning”). .

On the ice, they have a Norris winner at Roman Josie and a goal scorer having an exciting year (you probably won’t see) coming to Juice Saros. Many observers still think Ryan Johansson is a # 1 center because he once played for Canada in the World Juniors, and the same reason for Matt Duchenne he made the Olympic team. And hunters always seem to find a way. They should have missed the playoffs last year, but the Stars have had to play 5 games a day or whatever, they finished last by default.

Central is a clear favorite in Colorado this year, and perhaps a clear second in St. Louis, and Arizona claims to get whatever you get before all the other mud types they’re doing this season. So the theory is that anyone can stretch their arms out of the area and pull them into the play-off spot. Wildcards will remain open, especially as bad as the Pacific Division can be. If you scold, Nashville Wetlands may be one of the best things, I guess.

Why would they be disappointed: Let’s get started on the net. Perca took charge of Saros from Rini, but the combination of injuries and Rini’s inability to fully recover prevented him from doing so until last season, when Rini turned green and had strange hair growing out of it.

Saros has a .927 saving percentage and an average of 20 goals off, according to He saved 13.2 goals more than he expected – considering not only the number of shots but also the value of chances – to be fifth in the league. All encouraging signs.

However, if you dig a little deeper, there may be some air. .948 reservation percentage against Saros Hawke, .939 against Jacket, .955 against Wings. At the time of the crime, all three parties had grown taller on suspicion. Saros. Last year, he would even be out. And he could still be good in the .915-.920 range. But that won’t be enough for the Prades, who probably need something closer to the Vigina-level season from their goalkeeper to enter the post-goal season. Also, it’s hard to trust a goalkeeper who is too tall in this league if they are feet below the feet.

The power of predators over the past decade is their defense, and how much it contributes to crime. Most of the reason this has to be done, as the Hunters have been hovering with the highest actual line forward from one and a half years, year after year, and they lost that half after trading to Victor Arvidson in the LA. The defense looks good, but not as good as in years past. Josie and her attacking wit are still here, but she will be asked to pull Alex’s career most of the season and it’s not a top pairing.

Parades lost Ryan Ellis in a trade with Philian that gave them Philip Myers a fake, and in some ways it could be an upgrade, although the sentence will spit out all Parade fans and throw framed pictures on the screen from January 6th. Ellis was an expert left-slayer, but he was usually killed while taking tough responsibility from opponents, and his age is increasing. Myers is defensively good, and could actually be better at playing free defense for Josie than doubling the defense with rock solid Matthias Echlam. However, the Prades will lose to scoring Alice, whatever the context, and considering how short the forwards are, they need scoring from the defense. Myers is not going to provide that. It looks like the 2nd season in a row that Prades Nation is calling Dante Fabro the next Josie or Ryan Sutter, and he’s somehow just 2. Then again, maybe we’ve already seen it.

The real problem up front is here. Philip Forsberg still carries the burden, but losing a running friend Arvidson is a huge drop. Arvidson was no worse than the team’s second best finisher, and now they only have Forsberg’s only top-class finisher. They’re still paying Johansen like a # 1 center and he’s still written like that, but this guy has been a tard over the years that you can only count as the first in the postgame spread. Losing Arvidson means Duchenne and Mikel Granlund are both promoted, after writing multiple seasons wondering what’s wrong with both of them and why it’s not working for them in Nashville. Where you don’t want to be. Eeli Tolvanen was supposed to reinvent the game four years ago.

The Predators will get solid bottom-six contributions as they always do from Colton Seasons and Cody Glass and the latter is a potential breakout candidate. But adding a solid bottom-six contribution plus top-six scoring is not a substitute.

Also, Nick’s cousin An accused rapist.

The Predas are moving towards establishing some kind of reol, and if they aren’t around, there will be some interesting discussions around Forsberg, who will be a free agent next summer. The real discussion will be how they can get Duchenne and Johansen off the roster if they want to start again, which would be like trying to get out of Mastodon. This cycle was what the parades were for (it was at least one Foolish banner), It shows almost the end.

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