No, ‘Lovecraft Country’ didn’t need a second season

In the seventh Episode of Lovecraft Country, A black woman, surrounded by a sea of ​​glittering equations, writes frantically while working on a solution for a machine that will soon spread her across the dimensions of space and time. The audience sees Hippolyta, a housewife played by Anjanu Ellis, who introduces herself as the discoverer of a new world, taking on an identity that is not commonly found in black-American science fiction (and which historically associates with white colonists). This is a powerful example of the show’s biggest selling point: the height of the trope that often plagues black characters in movies.

Mischa Green, producer Lovecraft Country A dark fantasy series that premiered on HBO in August last year. It’s based on Matt Ruff’s 2016 novel of the same name, a book that revisits the horrors of the other world of racist HP Lovecraft, known through the eyes of black people in Jim Crowe’s 50s. Jonathan Major Atticus plays “Tick” Freeman, a Korean warlord who returns home in search of his missing father Montrose (the late Michael K. Williams), with the help of love interest Lettie “Letty” Lewis (Journey Smollett). The trilogy is soon a story driven by monsters, racial horrors, and inherited magic that is Tick’s unexpected birthright.

In July, HBO abruptly announced – to the dismay of fans – that the series would not return for a second season. Not two weeks later, nominated to the Television Academy Lovecraft Country For a whopping 18 Emmy Awards, the news gave HBO’s decision even worse advice. Angry viewers went on social media to express their dissatisfaction. “Lovecraft Country There have been 18 Emmy nominations and HBO has rejected them, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Wrote a Twitter user. “Chi doesn’t mean anything.”

But maybe. Lovecraft Country Made his statement. It has given a cast of black heroes the ability to embrace the privileges of magic, racism, and bad white people. We have come to hope instead of the imminent death of black characters Something Pointing to the horror flick, it instead settles its white letters with the Quentin Tarantino level decor gore. And Lovecraft Country It’s all about a great actress, beautiful cinematography, top-notch visual effects, and a genre-curved soundtrack that spans everything from Nina Simone to Cardi B, perhaps it doesn’t need a Season 2; Considering how broken it was at the end of the first run, the second could only ruin his good name.

There are twists and turns in an interesting story, but those winding roads have to be consistent enough to follow. Lovecraft Country Filled with jam in plenty of storytelling, many of which have been planted randomly and never floated satisfactorily because there is no room for actual depth. It created a mission to blend it into every black historical event and cultural reference that it could turn into its intricate plot: the Tulsa genocide, the Chicago Tumble Park riots, the Emmet Till massacre, the existence of sunrise cities, and Negro publishing Motorist Green Book. Sometimes it worked; Other times it was imagined. As always, it seemed too much.

It can only be a pattern of source material – after all, the book is a collection of interconnected short stories. But it was as if the writers Lovecraft Country Couldn’t decide whether the show should be serial or episodic, so it has become a weird mix of both. Or maybe it’s the story of a lot of chefs in the kitchen: the plot starts to get unnecessarily thick around the fourth episode, when Misha Green is no longer the only name listed on the story’s credits. When we arrived at the Montpellier exploring the seventh episode of Hippolyta – it was as stunning as it looked – the plot really went off the rails. It feels vague and isolated; The pieces are not assembled until a repeat observation, while the viewer will already have an idea of ​​what will happen.

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