NJ’s search for missing Lauren Cho continues as Petito case sheds light on missing persons

The family of Lauren “El” Cho, a missing New Jersey woman, is calling for help to find the ed0-year-old child after the national attention was drawn to the disappearance of Gabby Petito and other missing persons following the murder.

Choke was last seen walking from a home in the Yukka Valley, California, around 5pm on June 28 – a town in the Mojave Desert east of Los Angeles.

“We are totally grateful for the continued love shown to LK,” Cho’s family wrote in a September 18 Facebook post on a page dedicated to sharing information about him that may have led to his discovery. “We deeply sympathize [Gabby Petito’s] Positive solutions will come in both family and hopefully. Someone knows something. About L, about Gabby … “

Lauren “L” Cho (Credit: Cho family)

The account, created in early July, appears to be run by a sibling who refers to Choke as his “sister”.

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The thief’s family made no official statement at the time of the release, and his family has no official representation to speak on their behalf.

Mara Rodriguez, a public information officer in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, said in a statement to Fox News Digital on Thursday that the investigation has been a priority since Ms Cho’s disappearance.

Lauren "The" For (credit: for family)

Lauren “L” Cho (Credit: Cho family)

A search was launched shortly after his disappearance, and the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department issued a search warrant on July 31 in the 8600 block of the Benmar Trail in the Yuka Valley, along with seven search K-9s. According to the sheriff’s department, the department conducted an air search in the “remote mountainous region” where he was last seen on July 24.

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Rodriguez said Cho was staying at an Airbnb resort in the Morango Valley with numerous guests, including her ex-boyfriend.

The public information officer added, “It is learned that Cho was disturbed on the evening of June 2, June 21 and probably left the resort with his personal belongings.” “About three hours later, Choke reports that her ex-boyfriend has gone missing and she indicates that she is suffering from mental anguish.”

Lauren "The" For (credit: for family)

Lauren “L” Cho (Credit: Cho family)

Investigators from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Division are assisting in their ongoing efforts to locate the Morongo Basin station and have conducted “multiple searches of the area by land, air and dogs” with negative results.

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Local news outlets have identified Hi-Desert Star Cho’s ex-boyfriend as Cody O’Reilly. O’Reilly told the outlet that he and Cho traveled to the cross-country Yuka Valley together in a van and that he was the last person to see the 30-year-old woman.

“I’ve searched all over the mountains and there’s no track anywhere,” Orrell told the High-Desert Star. He further suggested that Cho get into a vehicle at some point and maybe not get lost in the desert.

Lauren "The" For (credit: for family)

Lauren “L” Cho (Credit: Cho family)

“On Sunday he was going out to meet someone and no one was talking. I wasn’t curious about it then, but of course, now I want to …” Orrell said before leaving, according to Outel.

Another friend of Cho’s, Jeff Flake, said in an Instagram post on July 24 that in the first week of the 30-year-old’s disappearance, “there was a search and rescue operation, there were plenty of amazing professionals. Desert, helicopters, volunteers, trackers” and “they “It simply came to our notice then.

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The Yukka Valley is located 50,000 square miles in the Mojave Desert, east of the LA and San Bernardino Mountains, and west of the Joshua Tree National Park. The valley has rare and spotted Joshua trees, Mozave Yukka trees, juniper shrubs, pinon pine trees and other native plants. The wildlife of the area includes venomous snakes and coyotes. It is not uncommon for people to go missing in the Mojave Desert.

In recent weeks, 22-year-old Gabby Petito has made headlines for disappearances and murders as law enforcement agencies continue to search for a single person interested in her killer, fugitive Brian Laundry. Petito created the Gabby Petito Foundation after his death to help parents find missing children and victims of pet attacks.

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