Nintendo Switch OLED Review: More than just a beautiful screen

I have one Bad habit of biting my nails. For this reason, I can’t get a weak rear kickstand to pop out on the Nintendo Switch. The lips of the kickstand are very thin and nestle very easily in the body of the device. Over the years, I’ve told my partner to use her long, sharp nails to cut small pieces of plastic (even after dozens of attempts without succeeding herself). I always asked him or used any tools around me. Well, I can finally say that with the arrival of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, he can happily retire from this important responsibility.

A significantly improved kickstand is one of the few updates to this new Switch model, which tops a lineup of mobile gaming consoles that include Switch and Switch Lite. It still has a removable Joy-Con controller, a dock that converts it from a handheld console to a TV-theatrical rectangle, and it plays the same game. It’s the most expensive at $ 350, but if you still don’t have a switch, get the OLED model down in hand. If you Tax Already owning a Nintendo mobile machine, then the question of upgrading becomes a little more complicated.

(Kick) Standing Ovation

Photo: Julian Chakkattu

The switch first arrived in 2017; Then in 2019 an updated model replaces it at the same $ 300 price, but with a simpler battery life bump. It was paired with the $ 200 Switch Lite that year, which knocked out dock and removable Joy-Con controllers. The new switch LEDs are easily the most advanced of them all.

There are four major changes: a 7-inch OLED screen replaces the 6.2-inch LCD, there’s more built-in storage, the dock has an Ethernet port, and (yes) an overhead kickstand. The modified screen is awesome, and I promised I would go for it, but it’s the kickstand that made me so overwhelmed. Seriously, I had no idea Kickstand This can be exciting.

A tiny piece of plastic that holds the whole switch in an angle only in the most resilient space, instead, runs the entire back of the new kickstand console, like Microsoft’s Surface tablet. It’s easy to figure out – no nails required – and you can make the console at very low or almost all vertical angles. It is much more versatile. I put both the OG switch and the LED in the arm of my couch, and only one fell off. Can you guess?

No need to worry about falling into a turbulent plane or a stray train. It even passed the lap test! Like a stable laptop, the Switch OLED was placed in my lap as I removed the win-removers and drowned time in the JDDR, horrible planets and setting Fear of Metroids. If you use Kickstand regularly, this change is only worth upgrading.

Dock, a piece of plastic where the switch is LED when you want to connect it to your TV, no longer use a hinged cover where you plug everything in. Instead, this cover is removable, making the wires easier to handle. (My colleague Cecilia D’Anastasio says the cover of her test unit is off, but I had a fine.) The front has two USB ports, but behind the cover is a USB-C port for the dock power adapter, an HDMI port it’s on a TV To connect, and for the first time, an Ethernet connection. (This Ethernet port replaces an additional USB-A at the core.)

So far, if you want to turn off Wi-Fi at high speed through a wired connection to your router, you need to buy a dongle. I’ll admit that I was too lazy to invest in one of those dongles, but luckily I had an extra 30 feet of Ethernet just collecting the dust (as you do). I connected it to my router and the switch OLED hits 172 Mbps and 30 Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively. Hooray! I’ve rarely seen delays like online games Super smash Brothers UltimateAlthough this means that I have lost my usual internet excuse whenever Mario decides to fly from the edge of the map.

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