Night football pair Trevor Lawrence and Joe Boro reunite for the 2020 BCS Championship on Thursday, with sideshow Urban Meyer

The second round, now with intervention, is his head coach.
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Some people consider Trevor Lawrence’s Clemson career to be the greatest college career of all time. The man did not lose regularlyGame of the season, won a national championship, and the first overall draft was made as soon as he qualified.

However, many more would say that compared to the significance of his career, Joe Barrow had a 2019-2020 season, where he completed 76.3 percent of his passes for the Buru 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns on the way to winning the title unbeaten.

Burroughs’ importance to the LSU football team has grown since his departure. Since Burroughs left Baton Rouge, LSU have gone just 8-6, far from their 25-3 record at the center of Burroughs.

Twelve and Lawrence once faced each other in college for the 2020 BCS Championship, where the Twelve Tigers won by a final score of 42-25, and, if we’re being realistic, tonight’s game between Burroughs Bengals and Lawrence’s Jaguars will end similarly.

I don’t blame Lawrence for his struggles in the NFL so far. Of course, he could have made some good decisions about his throwing, but that field of play is expected to come to him in time. However, Urban Meyer’s play-calling and not being able to use his players properly is going to destroy the Jaguars tonight, and, hopefully, a big loss for a rebuilding team (I know this win will make them 3-1, but they definitely still In the final stages of a rebuild) All exposure should be in primetime The front office of the jugs will have to pull the plug on this urban mayor test.

I mean, what Meyer has done since he became the head coach of the Jaguars was to bring Tim Tabo for a hot second, drafting a run to compete for a snap with a second-year player who ran just over 1,000 yards before one season, Trade Gardner Minsheu Away for a pack of M&M, destroyed by Tyrode Taylor and Houston Texans in 1 week and compare to facing NFL team Match with Alabama every week, Which is a lot equivalent to the head coach you say “Ghost seeing” In the field.

Nothing went well. While you may think that the decisions of those employees fall on the GM Trent boy rather than the urban mayor, this is not the case. The Jaguars have given the urban mayor an insane amount of power when it comes Roster decision, And now, that decision is biting their ass.

I wouldn’t sit here and do anything better as a GM or head coach in the NFL, but Jacksonville brought in Urban Meyer to turn this franchise around. They’ve seen all of their best players go or do business. Their only play-off appearance in the last 15 years was quarterback with Blake Bortless, and the team has the biggest cultural impact. Jason Mendoza’s favorite team On Good place.

Yet somehow, Urban Meyer made them even bigger jokes. He has turned one of the most promising, young quarterback prospects into a turnover machine in recent memory. He turned James Robinson into a post-crime thinker and somehow brought Carlos Hyde back into relevance.

What he has done is madness.

We knew this season would not be too beautiful for the Jaguars. We knew that Jags would probably face some growing pain. However, no one expected the team to look so bad. We expected a crime that could keep the team honorable, Even when their defense allowed 30+ points, the Detroit Lions were like the past with Matthew Stafford, Marvin Jones and Kenny Golade. So far though, they have only one resemblance to that lion Marvin Jones.

Urban Meyer was not ready for the NFL, and prolonging his time as head coach is only going to hurt Trevor Lawrence’s development. I like the Jaguars, but I hope the Bengals will hit them in Yap tonight, so Jaguars fans won’t have to face these two nightmares since it was announced that Team Tebo will be attending training camp. .

The urban mayor once made a great name for himself with a great quarterback training at incredible heights in Florida. Now, he’s dropping his Florida quarterback.

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