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The list of crypto assets is growing day by day, and most DEXs serve only a specific class, such as tokens or NFT. However, to give users the ultimate comfort, the NFTY portal has created a DX where users can trade and store coins, tokens and NFT in one place.

The NFTY portal has created a decentralized world where traders, artists, musicians, collectors and everyone else can trade NFTY using NFTY coins and other tools offered by the platform. The NFTY portal has evolved into a huge ecosystem through its own currency, wallets, NFTY verses, etc. Let’s take a closer look at what the NFTY portal has to offer.

NFTY coins

NFTY coins are arguably the most important aspect of the NFTY ecosystem. There are three currencies, NFTY Space, NFTY Time and NFTY Motion, which play different roles when simultaneously connected to each other.

NFTY space

NFTY space is used for transaction fees and payment coins for NFT or token mining in NFTY chains.

NFTY time

Users can earn NFTY time by freezing NFTY space, a high-demand and low-supply currency that can be traded with other tokens in the ecosystem.

NFTY Motion

NFTY Motion is the governance token that is given to NFTY time holders. Motion currency holders have the right to rule on future decisions of the NFTY portal project.

NFTY verse and NFTY chain

The NFTY verse is a safe place for NFTYNuts, animated characters representing NFTY coins. The NFTY verse includes the NFTY chain which provides solutions to major challenges in the crypto and NFT market.

The NFTY chain is a dynamic chain that includes scalable blocks, fast transaction speeds, and side-chain interactivity. It is a public chain that allows the mining of crypto coins and tokens on the NFTY portal and keeps security and safety intact.

NFTY Wallet

The NFTY portal offers two types of wallets, desktop wallet and web wallet.

NFTY desktop wallet

Currently available for Windows devices, the NFTY Desktop Wallet provides a safe and secure place to store NFTY coins, tokens and NFT. The wallet is powered by features like NFT minting, stacking, master nodes, IM, token minting and much more. Also, users can advertise directly on Twitter and other social media using the desktop wallet.

NFTY Web Wallet

NFTY Web Wallet gives users the ability to create an online wallet and NFTY address with a web browser that can be used to send and receive NFTY coins, tokens and NFT. Web Wallet has a browser extension that can trade and store NFTs, coins and tokens from different platforms.

The NFTY portal launches with NFTY coins which allow users to create a source of passive income and trade different cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFT in one place. However, the platform has become a comprehensive ecosystem with a universal chain and wallet to make it easier for users to use and increase crypto acceptance.

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