NFL Week 5 Touts London Game and Bills at Chiefs

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In 2021, two NFL games are scheduled to be played in London. The first is happening this weekend when the Atlanta Falcons will face the New York Jets. Now … you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Yeah, that matchup sounds awful. If we do Really Trying to expand the sport, why don’t we show the best London for our sport?

Yes, that’s a good point. Since 200, the NFL has played at least one game in London every year since 2020 for obvious reasons. Do they send good teams? Not usually. Jacksonville Jaguars 201. Has played across the Atlantic every year since. What’s going on?

Now, naturally, you would think that the final record of each team sent to London since 2007 was 500 or so, but I was curious. Looks like London always gets under the barrel, so are we really sending the low-end team across the pond or is it just a guess?

So, I collected the winning-losing record of each team to play in London. I saw where they ended that season and how they ended the previous season. I thought that was probably going to be unfortunate with the teams that the NFL was scheduling. Last year maybe these were really good teams that were just down when they played in London the following year. The NFL cannot predict such things when scheduling.

The winning-losing record for each team was 428-466 the year before they were scheduled to play in London. This is good for a .479 win percentage – Hope For. There were some bonds too, but I just thought I would omit them from the equation, because bonding is a sin in the world of sports. Their combined record year question is 411-481, a .461 win percentage.

So, yes, tHe’s not putting the NFL right into his Sunday Europe.

Although it’s not all the NFL’s fault. Home teams in London volunteer. Teams are given huge encouragement to play a home game across the pond, And it usually tempts small market groups that struggle to sell their home stadiums, as mentioned above Jaguars And Tampa Bay (pre-Tom Brady). Teams that can’t sell their home games are lower level teams. That just makes sense. The fans don’t want to go and lose their team. So, as long as the NFL’s policy allows teams to volunteer for the London Games, those games will remain low-level.

There’s no story after this Jets / Falcons game, “Hey, Jack Wilson looked good against the Titans last week. Can he hold it?” I doubt it. Not only will the time difference probably serve as a factor, but Wilson also looked like he was playing backyard ball in several plays. He was forced to improve on more occasions than you want to see, And it’s a sign of a system that doesn’t play with the strength of your team. I don’t blame the Jets head coach Robert Saleh struggles to build a system around Wilson. This is a difficult question for the first year Head coach Rookie is working on a quarterback, but it will take some time before he sees some continuity outside of Wilson.

There is another big story surrounding the London game Absence of Calvin Ridley. The Falcons Star receiver will miss the game due to a “personal matter” and it could open the door for Kyle Pitts. Despite being fourth-Overall picks in the latest NFL draft, Pitts has disappointed so far this year, In the case of production. University of Florida Product has yet to record more than five catches in a single game and has yet to find the final territory of his NFL career.

Although it is normal. The tight edges of the highly charged college struggled early in their pro careers. Remember T.J. Hawkinson’s rookie year? He had a great first game, and then hibernated for the rest of the season. Noah Fant Saw similar struggles. He has not seen a single game with more than five receptions in his rookie year. All that said, Pitts should be up for a giant game this weekend.

In addition to Ridley in the fold, Matt Ryan will have to rely on Corderel Patterson, Olamide Jacques and Russell Gage in the passing attack. I know how good Patterson was this year, but it’s not a good group of guys. Pitts is the most talented This is it Bunch, And Should A must have nightmare for the Jets. If there’s ever a time for this talented rookie to come out, it’s Sunday.

Elsewhere in the NFL, Buffalo, Kansas City is the premier matchup of Week 5. It’s an insanity that people are willing to forget how quickly a team KC is so good Is. Remember when the Golden State Warriors acquired Kevin Durant and then lost the first game of the season to the San Antonio Spurs? Remember the paper firm. They remember all the comments from the fair-Weather fans say that was done for the Warriors. What they did this season was to win the championship.

What about Tom Brady? He started six seasons with a 2-2 record, but no one thought his time in the NFL would end when he started season two slowly. Who cares about this game right now? Chiefs is a game back of the division leader. They will be fine. That being said, I still know that TwitterWars will go crazy if Chiefs fall into Buffalo. I can see it now. “Patrick Mafraud,” “The Kansas City Dynasty is Over,” “Buffalo New K.C. ”

Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah! Just calm down, okay!

I get it. Everyone is looking for reasons to hate the chiefs. They’ve been really good and for a few years, and there’s nothing better than watching the best fall, but a loss against the top three teams in the NFL to start 2-3 seasons doesn’t mean they’re not ‘Super Bowl rivals’. If not for a Clyde Edwards-Heliar Famball By the end of the game against Baltimore, Chiffra will be 3-1, and we all knew how tough the Chargers were going to be this year. It amazes me that Kansas City Already dropped from the top five teams in the league.

Kansas City is a team that can score at any time from anywhere on the field. Any team with that ability will always be in the top ten in the NFL. Kansas City should be hungry for a second win in a row this week and I hope they win. Buffalo has looked great in the last three weeks, but they have won those games against Houston, Washington and Miami. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out flat against the chiefs, And Tyrick Hill burned them for 100 yards and two scores in the first half. Can a buffalo win? Absolutely. They’re extremely talented, but if they do, don’t underestimate Kansas City. Even with 2-3 records, they will still be one of the most terrifying teams in the NFL.

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