NFL Super Bowl controversy: Buccaneers are now co-favorites despite 3-week loss to CCM

With week 3 NFL As the season draws to a close, we can begin to determine who will be the first runners to win the Super Bowl. And, now that the odd makers have three weeks under their belts, sportsbooks are starting to adjust to their Super Bowl odds.

Let’s take a look at the updated differences and dive into the movers and shakers Fox Bet.

Before the start of the season, Kansas City Chiefs There were irresistible favorites to win the Super Bowl Fox Bet, at +500 (That means a $ 10 bet will win you a total of $ 60). With Mahomas & The company started off a slow, 1-2, however, their differences have been slightly longer +600.

Tom Brady And Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Who started the year +650 To conquer everything, is now the co-favorite of adversity Los Angeles Rams At week 3. TB12’s squad is also currently sitting +600 It’s all about winning (মোট 10 bet to win a total of $ 70).

Although none of the participants from last year’s Super Bowl seemed to be influential in Week 3, the adversaries did not react excessively.

“Even though both teams lost last week, Tampa Bay has managed to become co-favorites from the loss of Kansas City,” said Jacob Blangstad-Berner, a Fox Bet content integration expert. “It really comes down to the books’ easy schedule compared to teams like the Rams, who sit in the competitive NFC West.

“The box still has a clear way to say goodbye to that extremely valuable first round.”

For the chiefs?

Blanchestad-Berner replied, “When Kansas City sits at 1-2, it’s hard to look at the two losses and determine if it’s a team that can’t win in January / February.”

Three weeks later, Fox Sports is an NFL expert and betting analyst Geoff Schwartz He believes in defending Super Bowl champions.

“Don’t bet against Tom Brady,” Schwartz said. “Books lost last season Saint Twice, twice it wasn’t pretty. They lost to the Chiefs at home. And the Books looked like a different team when it came to the playoffs. While Rams deserves praise after Sunday’s win, the playoff books will still be tough. “

For other risers, the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo bill, And Green Bay Packers After a strong performance in Week in, everyone agrees with that bill +800, When bills have gone below +1100 +900, And the Packers jumped to +1400 +100.

In addition to being a favorite across the board in multiple sports books, buccaneers have become a huge liability in their books. There are a few more teams merging because of the Fox Bet market.

“The Ag Gal Our biggest responsibility is not to collide with Philadelphia’s heavy fan base, ”Blangstead-Burner said. Then there’s Tampa Bay because of the Tom Brady effect and they won in February.

Denver Not lagging behind when there were so many dollars Rogers Rumors. “

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Although the aforementioned teams are the biggest losers after three weeks, Pittsburgh Steelers The biggest downside was that the Steelers opened the +4000 year to win the Super Bowl Fox Bet.

But later Ben Rothlisberger Showing his age in the second week, Pittsburgh are now sitting at 1-2 in a very competitive AFC Northern division, and their differences have been long enough to lift the trophy. +7500.

There will be other teams mentioned in this section Seattle Seahawks, Whose defense again seems to be going to disappoint them. The Hawks have come down from +1800 +3000 In just a week. And, with NFC West in the roster, three potential Super Bowl contenders appear to be outplayed, 49ers, And Cardinal, It could be a long season Russell Wilson And squad.

With a 17-game season this year, there are still a lot of football games left. And, while injury plays a big role in ultimately winning the Lombardy Trophy, it’s not too early for a gambler to get teams up and down their list.

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