NFL picks, forecast against Spread Week 7: Packers, Buccaneers, Cardinals Cruz; Ag gals upset the Raiders

Week 6 was the first NFL week with a bye in the 2021 season and a good week against the spread and straightening out and predicting choices. It doesn’t mean much until followed by a strong Week 7.

Bill, Cowboys, Vikings, Steelers, Chargers and Jaguars – this is a small slate of just 13 games with the number of byes going up to six. That light schedule still has three huge numbers of favorite features, balanced by four games where spreads are set at four or fewer points.

So this week, it’s mostly navigating a one-sided matchup or finding out who’s a little better bet off. Our latest shot in contrast to the numbers, from another thirsty Thursday to another manic Monday:

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ANF ​​Ranking of NFL Power:
Attackers, the Steelers rose again; Browns, Bears, Seahawks slides for the seventh week

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The NFL picks up against the spread of Week 7

  • Game of the Week: Bengals at Ravens (-6.5, 47.5 o / u)

Sunday at 1pm ET, CBS

Bengali crime is clicking everywhere around Joe Borough. The Ravens can also move the ball in more ways with Lamar Jackson. Last week, there was no worthy Jackson clash against the Chargers, but it was the second-year first-round QB equivalent. The Bengals wouldn’t mind throwing in Baltimore’s D-often and Cincinnati couldn’t slow down the Ravens ’best downfield goals. The game came down to a main drive in the fourth quarter when Jackson came home.

Pick: The Ravens won 27-23 but failed to cover the spread.

  • Game of Midweek: The Broncos at the Browns (-4.5, 42.5 o / u)

Thursday 8:20 pm ET, Fox, NFL Network, Amazon Prime Video

The Browns have become a mess of injuries, from quarterbacks, running backs, offensive lines, wide receivers to defense. After being forced to deviate from the path of their rushing offense and complementary pass defense, they could get back on track vs. Denver D which is starting to fight in many areas under Vic Fangio. The Broncos will go around with a more stable game by Teddy Bridgewater, but in the end Baker Mayfield, bad left shoulder and all, give Cleveland a much-needed credit win to raise above 500 500.

Pick: The Browns won 23-20 but failed to cover the spread.

  • Week Lock: Rams on Lions (-15.5, 50.5 O / U)

Sunday 4:05 pm ET, Fox

Matthew Stafford’s Revenge game will look a lot like a revenge game, but the Lions visiting the sacrificial lambs. Detroit hit a wall against Cincinnati last week, which collapsed from a winless disappointment after several previous close games. The Rams are relentless in destroying the bad teams, which they have proven against the Giants. They will treat Honolulu Blue like Big Blue, their defense is ready to keep things rough on former QB Jared Goff.

Pick: RAM won 38-14 and covered the spread.

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  • Week upset: aggl (+3, 48.5 o / u) on riders

Sunday 4:05 pm ET, Fox

Ag Gulls came as a particularly annoying part of our Week 5. The riders did the same thing in Week 6. So it’s normal to have both teams involved in this space this week. You can bet Philly fans will take Las Vegas by storm and make it feel like a home game for Jalen Hearts. The Raiders will continue to play free, inspirational ball without John Gruden, but the defensive look of the Ag Gauls will not help Derek Carr, who will face a lot of internal pressure. The riders will struggle with the dynamics of the attackers and its varied weapons in the ideal pass-happy attack against them.

Pick: Ag Gaul won 27-21

  • Giants Panther (-3, 43.5 O / U)

Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, Fox

The Panthers could make things unclear in New York for their former GM, Dave Gettleman, by showing that former Giants assistant Matt Rule could even surpass the extra-matched Joe Judge. Daniel Jones, with a shaky offensive line, a no-holds-barred Berkeley and limited healthy wide receiver is a bad combination against an aggressive Carolina pass-racing defense that gets tough after turnover. Sam Darnald won’t deliver very nicely on the other side, but the Giants are younger than the playmakers outside former Panthers cornerback James Bradbury.

Pick: The Panthers won 20-16 and covered the spread.

  • Washington football team in Packers (-9.5, 48.5 O / U)

Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, Fox

A couple hung out early with the WFT chiefs thanks to Flocky Techways, but the chiefs still dragged on with a second-half laugh. The Packers have been touring since their annual Meldown game in Week 1, and there’s nothing to suggest that Washington’s underwriting defense Aaron Rogers wants to slow down. Taylor Heinick is now over his head and won’t work almost enough in catchup mode.

Pick: The Packers won 34-17 and covered the spread.

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  • Titans Chiefs (-4.5, 56.5)

Sunday at 1pm ET, CBS

The Chiefs ’offense erased those big mistakes and played a big role throughout Washington in the second half of last week’s game, with Patrick Mahomes finding the perfect match between Tyrick Hill, Travis Kells, McCall Hardman and the running game. The Titans have been getting their hands full against the Bills in a short week but they could have a lot more success this week with Derrick Henry, so the passing game is opening up well for Ryan Tanihill. Mahoms outscored Tannyhill, but played well enough to tighten the margins in the end.

Pick: Chiffra won 31-27 but failed to cover the spread.

  • Dolphin Falcon (-2.5, 47.5 O / U)

Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, Fox

The Falcons went to London and won in 5 weeks. Watch for Atlanta under Matt Ryan to get out of the early rest needed to think more aggressively and take on the defense of a dolphin where the weaknesses far outweigh the strengths of Brian Flores. Jeanne Waddle and Mike Gesiki have more short-term passing success with Tuya Tagovilloa in Miami, but Ryan has better answers with Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts.

Pick: The Falcons won 23-20 and spread the cover.

  • Patriots jet (-7, 42.5 o / u)

Sunday at 1pm ET, CBS

The Jets lost to the Patriots 25-9 in the 2nd week, so London will look more respectable on the road after Week 6. There was another tough domestic loss against the Patriots vs. Cowboys after a similar walk-off result against the Buccaneers at 4 weeks. The 0-4 record for New England at Foxboro came as a surprise just six weeks later. The Patriots reorganized defensively and Mac Jones showed more confidence than Jack Wilson.

Pick: The Patriots won 20-10 and covered the spread.

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  • Cardinal Texan (-17, 47.5 O / U)

Sunday 4:25 pm ET, CBS

Do you think this game means anything to JJ Watt and Dandre Hopkins? Since their former leader Desaun Watson is not suitable for the Texans, their only chance to beat the Lone Star team here is that they will probably never give up in their careers. Watt Rookie will take charge of the devastation at QB Davis Mills, while Hopkins will help stunning opponent Kyler Murray play another huge game. There’s no reason to believe Houston could cause any problems for Arizona’s offense, or that Arizona’s defense won’t end in the second half.

Pick: The Cardinals won 38-14 and covered the spread.

  • Bears at Buckaneers (-13.5, 47.5 o / u)

Sunday 4:25 pm ET, CBS

You can bet that Tom Brady remembers his first books came in one of the worst losses of the season. He will correct that mis-filled defeat by tearing through the overrated Chicago defense at home with the help of many of his receivers and leaving Leonard Fornet behind. Justin Fields will not get help from last week’s running game and is not passing effectively enough to take advantage of the Bucs ’secondary weakness.

Pick: Buccaneers 34-17 win and spread cover.

  • Colts at 49ers (-3.5, 44.5 o / u)

Sunday 8:20 pm ET, NBC

The Colts are looking offensively good Carson Wentz Jonathan Taylor and the revived part have stretched his arms to stop the ongoing game. But the 49 teams that left under Kyle Shanahan have proven to be a tough team. Regardless of who is starting the quarterback, they will push better offensive buttons and play more defensive protection with some more injury problems solved.

Pick: The 49ers won 27-23 and spread the cover.

  • Seahawks Saint (-5.5, 43.5 o / u)

Sunday 8:15 pm ET, ESPN

The Seahawks in Pittsburgh weren’t very inspired without Russell Wilson, so the Saints set off as a cross-country road favorite after their departure. New Orleans will keep things simple and grounded with Alien Camara to attack Seattle’s perforated run defense. James Winston will be in a position to defend the ball in a hostile environment and Smith will fail late with an active pass defense.

Pick: Sadhu won 24-20 but failed to cover the spread.

Winnie the Pooh’s 2021 pix:

  • Week 6 record against spread: 8-5
  • Week 6 record straight up: 11-2
  • CTS ATS: 47-46
  • Ason Tu straight up: 64-29

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