NFL 100-yard running record: How could the Ravens Steelers break the decades old record vs. Colts

Entering night football on Monday, the Ravens have run at least 100 yards in 43 straight games, tied for 174-77 Steelers for the longest continuity in NFL history.

It’s hard to ignore the power of the Ravens Rush game since the series began in 2018. It is no coincidence that Lamar Jackson took over as Baltimore’s starting quarterback earlier this year. Playing just 50 games in his career, he is ranked 11th in history with the most rushing yards created by a quarterback, including 155 career racing yards. He has played more than 100 games. Towards the end of his career he was tantamount to breaking records.

In 2019, Jackson broke Michael Vic’s record for the most crowded yards by a quarterback in a single season. He finished that season with 1,206 yards, breaking Vic’s record of 1,039 yards.

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2019 was a memorable year not only for Jackson, but for the Ravens as a whole. They broke the record for the fastest yard for any team in NFL history with 3,296 yards in 16 game seasons. Coincidentally, the Ravens broke this record when they competed against rival Steelers, who currently hold the record for most drawn games with at least 100 racing yards.

The record the Ravens are hoping to lose in tonight’s game is the Steelers 1974-77 team’s 44 consecutive games. Steelers all-time leading runner Franco Harris (11,950 yards) competed that decade to secure their decade-long record. During that legendary run, the Steelers won the 1975 and 1976 Super Bowls. Although the current R venvenvens team has not won a Super Bowl during a similar run (yet, nonetheless), they have taken place in the postseason in each of the last three seasons.

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Surprisingly, the Ravens don’t even lead the NFL as a team in the Rushing Yard this season. They are in fourth place after the Browns, Cowboys and Titans respectively. The Ravens averaged 164.5 rushing yards and carried 5.2 yards per game. They have a total of 658 racing yards through four games.

So far this season, Jackson has rushed for the Ravens ’most yards with 279 yards. He leads all NFL quarterbacks, but ranks 18th out of every player in the league.

Jackson is followed by Tyson Williams (164 rushing yards), Latavias Murray (151 yards) and Devonta Freeman (41 yards). Currently, three running backs sit on the injured reserve list: JK Dobbins, Justice Hill and Gus Edwards. Despite battling one injury after another in the backfield, the Ravens have somehow managed to maintain their consistency … albeit without some controversy.

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Although the Ravens were close to breaking this continuity last week. During the final game of the game against the Broncos, in which the Ravens won 23-7, Jackson decided to hurry up a game with three seconds so they could maintain their active continuity. Broncos coach Vic Fangio wasn’t too happy about it either, as teams usually sit on their knees and let the clock run. But, the Ravens wanted to break the record.

Will Baltimore be in the top 100 tonight? So far this season, the Colts have allowed 456 rushing yards with an average of 114 yards per game.

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