News reporter Lena Pringle goes viral on the live walk-through of the haunted house

Halloween is a holiday of the year where people voluntarily throw themselves into scary situations. Okay, this applies to those of us who enjoy some traditional festivals such as haunted houses. When Jacksonville news reporter Lena Pringle decides to do a walk-through, the results quickly go viral.

During ‘The Morning Show’ on News4Jax, Lena went live from a local haunted house. Named the 13-story Haunted House, the seasonal business is reported to have won the “Best Spooky House” of 2019 local competition. When show host Vic Mikolucci asked Lena how she felt about the upcoming walk-through, she gave a nervous smile and an honest answer.

“When I agreed to it, I thought it would be fun, but now I’m a little nervous,” Lena said.

Towards the end of his speech, a terrifying clown joined the live shot. She wrapped her arms around Lena as she moved away from him.

“It can be fun. I’m having fun. You’re kidding,” the clown asked Lena.

After that, Lena leaves Clown behind and starts walking towards the camera. He explains that it takes about 25 minutes to complete the haunted house. However, in time of need, he simply planned to go through a part of the haunted house called Doll Maker.

Lena advises visitors to “come and enjoy” as soon as they enter the haunted house. The lights have been turned on for the recording, but little has been done to alleviate it as Lena is confronted with a scary scene.

At the entrance, another character with a horrible mask is waiting. Outside the camera, Lena is heard hesitantly saying “OK” – the kind of thing that sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself. “Look, so good,” he said, passing her by. She gives her report while avoiding eye contact.

“You know we’re all doing well,” Lena said. “I can imagine that in the night it’s going to be even more terrifying when the lights go out and you don’t see who’s chasing you.”

He gives this insight, when he throws his body against a wall and follows him away from the entrance.

Lena could hardly control her expression of denial from the stiff hands, the tightly pressed lips and the anxious look.

“And some backstory information about me, I’ve never been to a haunted house myself.”

She rarely completes sentences because other characters scare her. She screams, screams, jumps and tries to move quickly.

But the viral clip comes close to the end of the segment. Lena, already panicked, turns around and starts dodging. A character suddenly jumps and Lena flies back to the ground.

When she gets up, she throws the part at the studio anchors, who start to show concern for Lena! Check out the moment below:

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