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Eviction moratorium effectively requires zamindars to provide free housing to non-tenants during the epidemic. In New York City, homeowners may soon have to pay for free internet service.

A new bill introduced by New York City Council member Ben Callos requires owners of 10 or more unit buildings to provide free broadband Internet service to their tenants.

“We can finally end the digital divide and bridge the gap in homework by ensuring that every apartment in New York City comes with the Internet,” Callos said in a statement. “If you can’t schedule or get an appointment online, you can’t get a vaccine. This epidemic has shown that the Internet is a necessity now.”

Citing a press release from Kallos ‘office, the 2020 Citizens’ Committee’s Children’s Report found that 50,000 households in the city did not have access to the Internet.

Its bill allows building owners to contract directly with broadband Internet service providers or connect each unit to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. Owners must install the necessary wiring and Ethernet ports to provide Internet service to each unit.

Only installers who have spoken Because Building owners refused to provide ballpark statistics on how much it might cost, citing a number of factors that could affect the cost of a project.

Home remodeling cost website Fixer It is estimated that it would cost up to 6,000 for an existing single-family home to install the type of cable required by Bill’s bill. The cost of installing it in a large building will probably be much higher.

Bill’s bill will prohibit property owners from passing on the cost of cable installation and internet service to tenants.

While the New York State Legislature imposes strict limits on maintenance and capital expenditure types when owners of rented buildings (where rent increases approved by the New York City Rent Guidelines Board are limited) may approach tenants, critics warn that landlords only reduce maintenance costs. Is “Shabikation”.

The landlord group said building owners would similarly respond to an Internet service order.

“The term clich্য applies perfectly to ‘no free lunch,'” wrote Jay Martin, executive director of the Zamindar Group’s Community Housing Improvement Program. On Twitter. “Every order, every regulation, every ‘free’ requirement increases the cost of running their business. It forces owners to raise rent / pay poor quality housing.”

At the very least, landlords will not have huge incentives to provide free internet services.

Owners of unregulated units will have more freedom to include the cost of internet services in rent increases. It can also be a bad deal for tenants who try to save money on an internal internet service plan using a phone data plan or free Wi-Fi provided by a nearby business and public library. Those tenants will bear the cost of an internet plan they do not want to rent each month.

The Kalos bill states that the city can provide building owners with grants, loans, tax breaks, and other incentives to cover the cost of Internet installation, but does not include any funding for those incentives.

Owners of existing buildings must comply with the law by January 2026 if legislation is enacted.

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