New users of Hubi Global can enjoy a $ 170 sign-up bonus

New users of Hubi Global will receive bonuses. Hubby has announced a “Welcome Bonus – $ 170 sign-up bonus” for its new users.

According to a recent announcement by Hubby Global, the platform now offers a “$ 170 sign-up bonus” for its new users. Users who sign up for Hubby Global will be eligible to participate in the campaign and enjoy the “Welcome Bonus”.

Hubby Global is a leading global virtual asset exchange. It gives users access to more than 390 cryptocurrencies, including mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and ADA.

Adding its features and updates, Hubby Global has announced that it is going to provide a unique trading experience for its new users. The primary focus of the platform is its ecosystem which ensures the safety, stability and security of its users. With the highest priority for its customers, Hubi Global continues to achieve long-term success, enabling it to maintain a leading position in the crypto market.

According to Coinmarketcap, Hubby Global is ranked 5th. Users can enjoy 900 pairs of cryptocurrencies on the platform. The constant updates and improvements to the platform continue to drive more investors and users to Hubby Global. The position that Hubby Global still holds is that the trading platform complies with all laws and regulations.

170 USD sign-up bonus

To participate in Hubi Global’s Welcome Bonus, users must comply Terms Campaign:

  • Participants in the “Welcome Bonus” should only be new users.
  • Users must complete new user work within 15 days and redeem their bonus within 30 days.
  • Users must redeem bonuses individually after completing each task.
  • Each bonus can only be redeemed once.
  • Hubby Global claims that users engage in fraudulent practices or have the right to cancel accounts for any guaranteed multi-account registration.
  • Users from mainland China, Venezuela, Singapore, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Sudan are not eligible for the campaign.

If you are a new user of Hubby Global, you can join and enjoy the “Welcome Bonus” campaign. Don’t miss out on the $ 170 sign-up bonus!

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