New polls show parents are worried about what schools are teaching their children

According to a new Fox News poll, more and more parents are worried about what is being taught in the classroom.

At least two main reasons – critical race theory and cowardly rules – have led to an increase in parental activism when it comes to what happens in school on a daily basis.

Parents don’t like what they find.

According to the survey, 73 percent of voters are “extremely” or “very” concerned about what their children are being taught in public schools.

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The school curriculum is close to the top of concern for many Americans

The issue has become so prevalent that it is close to the top of all important issues for many Americans.

Only a few things are more important: 87 percent of respondents are more concerned about inflation and 76 percent are concerned about both healthcare and national unity.

Concerns about school curriculum based on political identity are not surprisingly different.

The groups that focus most on what is being taught in the classroom are Republicans, a high 81 percent. Parents usually follow 80 percent.

For Republicans, inflation is higher, at 89 percent, followed by the border crisis at 82 percent.

Parents put inflation at 88 percent and then healthcare at 81 percent as their top concerns.

Democrats’ concerns about what is being taught in school are in eighth place among twelve other issues. Readers can probably guess why.

Republican pollster Darren Shaw, who conducted the survey, told Fox News that “the debate over the nature of the curriculum in public schools has become a hot button issue for Republicans.”

“There is a strong feeling on the right that administrators are pushing a liberal agenda against the will of parents,” Shaw added.

Fox News reports, “When asked about some of the activities at the school, more voters say it is a ‘major problem’ that school administrators are pushing the political agenda (63%) and threatening school officials (57%) rather than aggressively pressuring parents. . The political agenda on the school board (54%) and the education of their children is not enough (47%).

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Political agenda in school

“Focusing too much on race (49%) is a major problem for schools, while a small number of people say the same thing about adhering to transgender policies (44%),” Fox News observed.

Democrat Chris Anderson joined Shaw in conducting the survey and told Fox News, “Since national politics has emerged in school board meetings, Democrats and Republicans agree that the school board and parents are a big issue pushing the political agenda.”

Anderson added, “But that’s where the deal ends. Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to think there’s too much focus on school races and parents don’t have enough to say.”

The Fox News poll was conducted on October 16-19, 2021 with 1,003 registered voters nationwide.

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