New book claims Pelosi has melted down, accuses Trump of ‘bugging his phone’

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham describes in her new book how, after a particularly experimental meeting between Trump and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker reported that she accused Trump of bogging her on her phone.

Grisham’s book about his time in the Trump administration, titled “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” has caused a stir in the media for some extraordinary claims.

On his behalf, Pelosi has denied the incident.

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Description of Pelosi’s Meltdown

According to Grisham’s book, in October 2019, a meeting was scheduled between Trump, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss the US response to Turkey during the military operation in Syria.

Grisham, who said he was in the room, claimed the meeting went awry in a hurry.

Grisham’s story is that, at one point in the meeting, Pelosi stood up, pointed to the tamp, and announced, ‘All roads with you lead to Russia,’ he said. You gave Russia Ukraine and Syria.

Grisham then said that Trump, responding to his classic fashion, told Pelosi, “You’re just a third-class politician!”

At that point, Pelosi and Schumacher both get up to leave. But first, they had to retrieve their phones from the receptionist at the White House, who picked up the phones before the meeting, a practice that is standard protocol for security reasons.

The receptionist, who was expecting a long meeting, did not immediately find the right phones.

Grisham claims that Pelosi lost it. “We can’t even trust you with our phone! I should never have given you my phone! I know you bagged it! ”

Pelosi then tore at the receptionist, and lost it because there was no umbrella he could use to “go to the microphone in the rain and kill the president in front of the camera.”

Grisham claims Pelosi yells at the receptionist and “rapes” her. Trump also accused Pelosi of having a “stalemate.”

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Pelosi’s response is what Trump said about Grisham

Pelosi denies the story.

Drew Hamill, a spokesman for Nancy Pelosi, said the version of Grisham’s story “never happened.” Hamil also called Grisham’s claim “completely made” and “desperate garbage.”

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Grisham writes about Melania

Former First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, says she has no qualms about throwing the former First Lady under the bus.

He asked Melania Trump if she wanted to send Grisham a tweet condemning the violence in the capital in January.

On another occasion, Grisham asked if Melania wanted to set a time for the thematic tea that the outgoing and incoming first lady shared during the change of power. Melania’s response, he said, was “wait and see what the West Wing does.” Melania agrees with her husband that the election is not valid.

Melania Trump said the book was nothing more than Grisham’s attempt to “free herself” after a bad job as a press secretary and referred to her “failed personal relationships and professional conduct.”

Recently, while appearing on CNN’s Jake Tapper on his show “The Lead,” Grisham claimed that Trump “attempted a coup” and that he would like to see his critics like him “jailed.”

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