Netflix walkout protesters demand removal of Dave Chappell’s image from Netflix office

# Roommates, the moment when last week’s announcement that transgender employees and supporters will walk out in protest of Dave Chappell’s stand-up special ‘The Closure’ finally came before today — and in addition to calling him again, a list of demands has left their point home. The organizer of the Netflix walkout spoke to a crowd of protesters and denounced Dave Chappell for refusing to meet, but this is a long list of protesters’ demands to Netflix that indicate that the response is not over.

@ Deadline reports, Ashley Mary Preston, the organizer of today’s Netflix walkout, did not cut back when she came out to openly criticize Dave Chappell in front of more than 100 protesters and supporters of the award-winning comedian. “I invited Dave Chappell to have a transformative dialogue with us … and he made it clear that it was not in his interest. This is not to cancel the culture, to avoid accountability. Dave Chappell can’t take the light from this moment. However, this is a list of demands that protesters want Netflix to meet that have attracted attention.

One of the demands is to request the immediate removal of all images of Dave Chappell from the Netflix office, including murals, photos, room names, and more. In addition, they want Netflix to make a claim before ‘The Closure’ that it contains the Transphobic language, Mississippi. , Homophobia and hate speech. Also, immediately hire transgender executives within the company in a leadership role and claim that Netflix will invest in the transgender and non-binary content available on the streaming service. There are several more items on the list that Walkout supporters believe Netflix will eventually admit that the particular hit the LGBTQ + community.

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos has made it clear more than once that the company is not just standing firm in support of Dave Chappell’s creativity and freedom of speech – he has repeatedly said that ‘The Closure’ will not happen. Removed from streaming service.

Meanwhile, shortly after the response, Dave Chappell addressed the controversy to the sold-out crowd, saying, “I like it if it’s canceled.”

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