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Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming company, has announced that it is working on a documentary that deals with the story of Quadrigax. According to the summary, the title documentary; “Don’t Trust Anyone: The Hunt for the Crypto King,” is how users affected by the death of Quadrigacx CEO Gary Cotton try to unravel the mystery of his bizarre death and the private keys that can only be guessed at the time of his death.

Netflix will release the Quadrigacx documentary next year

Netflix, one of the leading video streaming sites, Announced The production of a documentary that will explain the story of Quadrigacx, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, which was affected by the death of its CEO under strange circumstances. According to its summary on IMDB, the documentary will tell the story of Quadrigax users who were not able to recover the funds lost at the time of Gary Cotton’s death.

These users are now trying to find out the true facts about Gary Cotton and his role in what happened to his own death. The documentary is set to release next year, and is being produced by London-based production house Minnu Films, which has won 12 BAFTA awards. It will be directed by Luke Sewell, known for No Place to Call Home (2016), The Undetectable (2012), and Generation Gifted (2018) and is expected to come to Netflix subscriptions next year.

Quadrigacx review

The Quadrigacx story is a complex one, but it begins with the death of its CEO during a trip to India due to Crohn’s disease complications. According to his wife, Gerard Cotton had the private key to the exchange’s funds and this caused customers to lose their funds. However, due to the circumstances in which Cotton died, many of these customers still believe it was a hoax and Cotton is still somewhere.

In fact, some of the victims have called for the body to be exhumed in cotton, which has been buried in Canada. Exchange customers made a request to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in December 2011. According to local reports, the RCMP has remained silent on the request. The exchange declared bankruptcy in April 2011, and more than 115,000 customers are still waiting to be reimbursed by Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

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