Nervos integrates with Covalent to make it easier to access its blockchain data

Nervos, a collection of crypto protocols and public blockchain ecosystems, announced today that it will integrate both its TestNet and MainNet with Covalent, an indexing solution for blockchain.

With integration, Nervos is expanding data availability over the network and simplifying developers’ building experience in Plugys, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer running on Nervos CKB, which requires reliable, high-quality data access.

Every day, millions of transactions take place across the entire blockchain ecosystem, providing in-depth, granular and historical historical information that can not only help developers and teams improve their projects and applications but also improve interconnection in space.

However, the information behind these transactions is not always easily accessible, and in some cases, it is almost impossible to find out.

To address this issue, Covalent provides a unified API to bring complete transparency to resources across all blockchain networks. Its dataset supports 25B + transactions, 30,000+ price feeds and 200,000+ smart contract inquiries.

Available blockchain information includes:

  • Token balance at each address
  • Transactions at each address are historical transactions
  • Historical value by address and ticker symbol
  • Decode log event

Using the Covalent API, developers can pull Nervos mainnet data and easily access the network through the Unified API by changing the chainID parameters.

“Both the Nervos network and Covalent share a vision of a global economy that is public and decentralized. At Covalent, we build an accessible Web 3 data layer and index Nervos to get there that makes a meaningful difference in creating universal blockchain solutions.
-Ganesh Swamy, co-founder and CEO of Co-Valent

In addition, Covalent will soon launch a campaign for developers to build with Nervos.

“Our integration with Covalent significantly enhances Nervos’ developer experience, which is one of our top priorities because we enhance our ecosystem and open up access to our multi-chain solutions. To see how our community members use these new tools and resources. We are looking forward. ”
-Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nevos

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