Nellie shows why she won a goat winner BET’s 2021 ‘I’m Hip Hop’ award

Rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor Nellie Received its first BET Award in 2001 The best new artist. Two decades later, the frontman of St. Lunatics won the 2021 BET I Am Hip Hop Award.

Nellie, 46, receives prestigious award from friend and legendary producer / songwriter Germain Dupree.

“He literally forced us all to walk around with a bandage on our face.”

“With three Grammys and over 35 million records sold under his vocal belt,” JD said with a round of applause and a smile from Nellie. “Nellie has proven that she must be hip-hop. I think she had to be the first in a mix of hip-hop and country.

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“We don’t get too many opportunities to stand on stage,” Nellie said in her acceptable speech about the opportunities (or lack thereof) of people in the Midwest. “It’s not just for me, it’s for my whole area, my whole city.”

Nellie also spoke about the effect LL Cool J It was upon him early in his career, crediting him as a huge force to follow his music in his path. “I’ve started to jack her a lot from him,” he joked. “We talked about it. He forgave me.”

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Before performing a medley of hits, a group consisting of St. Lunatics, thanks to Nellie Murphy Lee, City Spod, But, Slow down, And Kijuan, Each of whom played a key role in Nellie’s career.

“We had a dream and we made that dream out of clay. I love each of them … I love you to death. “

Nellie ends up with “EI,” Country Grammar, “” Air Force Once, “” Where’s the Party, “” Grills, “” Ride With Me, “” Dilimma, “” Flap Your Wings, “but last but not least,” Herr. ” In hot. ”

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