Nearly two million Israelis who did not have a booster shot will lose the quarantine exemption

As a result of Sunday’s policy change, more than 10 million Israelis will lose their separation waivers, requiring their citizens to take a third shot, a Covid-1 boo booster shot, six months after receiving the first two doses.

Covid-1 passes will be canceled if you have only two shots of the vaccine. The new definition of “vaccinated” in Israel relates to those who received their third shot. The term “non-vaccinated” applies to those who have only two shots.

The Times of Israel reported:

As of Sunday, the Green Pass would be valid for six months of one person’s last vaccine shot, a change in policy that would affect 1.7 million to 1.9 million Israelis, Hebrew media reports said. At the same time, the police will increase the application of documentary evidence of vaccines to gatherings in cities and places with high rates of infection.

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All existing green passes will be revoked and all Israelis must accept new passports through the Ministry of Health’s website or app (new passes are available Saturday night after midnight). Under the new rules, those who have recovered from covidosis will also be eligible for a dose of the vaccine Green Pass.

The pass is only valid for one month to six months after receiving the required dose. The document in the hands of those who have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-1 allows access to many public places and events, including restaurants and museums.

A temporary green pass can also be obtained through a negative virus test, which must be paid for if the person is not eligible to be vaccinated.

The reason for the change in policy was the reduced effectiveness of the vaccine, where most vaccinated people over the age of 0 were infected with Covid-1. More from Haaretz:

Beginning in July, an increasing number of vaccinated people are infected with Covid-1, mostly over the age of 60.

Studies have shown that this is due to a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine, resulting in a decrease in the antibodies of the vaccinated people.

Data from pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which used Israeli vaccines extensively to vaccinate its population, found that the vaccine was 90 percent effective in preventing infection from the virus delta. The health ministry released similar data at the start of their vaccination campaign – but later announced that vaccine effectiveness had declined in July to just 40 percent.

Israel is the first country to provide a mandatory third shot, despite reports of several cases of myocarditis after receiving a Pfizer booster shot.

Reuters reports:

According to data released late Thursday night, the health ministry reported nine cases of myocarditis among four-year-olds, including more than 1.5 million people who received booster shots.

All were male, three were between the ages of 16 and 29 and six were in the 30-59 group. Eight more possible cases are being reviewed. Most cases of myocarditis are usually mild, the ministry said.

In all, of the 3.2 million Israelis who received the third response, 25 reported adverse events that occurred within days of the shot, including myocarditis, although efficacy has not yet been established in many of them.

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