NBPA chief 76ers’ Ben Simmons defended, Daryl Morey torn apart

NBPA Executive Director Michelle Roberts Ben is defending Simmons Liz Rosher of Yahoo Sports writes, against allegations that she is claiming mental problems as an excuse to avoid the game. Simmons told his Sixers teammates and coach Dock River Friday it He is not mentally ready to start playing for the team again. This prompted skeptics to question Simmons’ motives as he claimed a medical problem with back tightness earlier this week.

Roberts threw his support behind Simmons and blew up the president of the Philadelphia basketball operation Daryl Moore to propose it It could take a long time to find an acceptable trade, perhaps even four years left in Simmons’ contract.

“Really? Is it hard to believe that Ben is not in a position to compete mentally? Professional athletes – like the rest of us – have difficult times in our lives that require time and energy to heal, ”Roberts said. “We will continue to provide Ben with the support and resources he needs to work through this. The threat of ‘four more years’ does not work in anyone’s interest. Like Tobias (Harris), I respect Ben’s place and give him time to move forward while embracing him. So, take a breath and count to 10: We’re all very good at continuing this eternal chicken game. “

As Roberts mentioned, Tobias Harris tweeted his support for Simmons on Friday. It remains to be seen whether his other teammates will follow suit.

There are more from Philadelphia:

  • Moore has called around the league in an attempt to create a trade for Simmons, but he has not been contacted. Ask about the net Kyrie Irving, of ESPN Adrian Wozniacki says Friday at the “NBA Countdown.” Oz added that Brooklyn GM Shawn Marx Irving accepted the call, but he did not reach out to another team about the Star Guard, which is inactive due to vaccination issues.
  • A team meeting on Friday. Joel MBE asked Simmons why he wanted to do business, Per Shams Charnia Athletic’s. Simmons responded that he was not feeling well on his own and needed to stay away from the team. Harris and other party leaders have expressed support for Simmons, sources told Charnia.
  • Pain in her right knee is already a problem for Embiid, per Tim Bontemps and Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN. Embid was having trouble moving after the clash in the season opener on Friday, but he wants to continue the game if the pain doesn’t get worse. “I mean, after the last game, it was a pretty good hit by a big friend, but we’ll see how it feels tomorrow, but I’m not planning to sit down,” he said. “I want to continue the game as long as there is no major damage to it.”

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