NBC’s Chuck Todd says Biden has a ‘big credibility crisis’ over the weekend

NBC host Chuck Todd made some sharp criticism for President Joe Biden after being repeatedly pushed over the weekend.

Todd appeared as a guest on NBC’s “Sunday Today with Willie Jest” to discuss Biden’s repeated failed political failures, the failed Kabul drone strike, the recall of his US ambassador to France, and the FDA’s Covid-1 for under-65s. About rejecting booster shots. As Biden plans to speak to the UN on Tuesday, Zeist questioned what the public would expect from the president.

“How is the White House handling all this, and what do you expect to hear from the president at the UN on Tuesday?” Zeist asked.

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Todd, in contrast to his earlier view of withdrawing from Afghanistan, acknowledged that Biden has had a “pretty big credibility crisis” since last weekend.

“Well, look, I think he’s got a pretty big credibility crisis in his hands because all of these problems came up in some way after he basically said the exact opposite,” Todd said.

In addition to the difficulties last weekend, Todd included the border crisis as a “big problem” for the Biden administration.

“And of course, borders. We can talk about border issues, you could say there are years after years of creating them, but it’s pretty clear that we now have a lot of big issues like we’ve had year after year, and these policies have a Became a magnet, ”Todd said.

From there, Todd posed that Biden had to do “a lot of work” to maintain credibility on the world stage through his UN speech.

“She has a lot of work to do. [He has] To ensure that people still see America as a worthy leader in the free world, not just a stable democracy. So look, he has a lot of work to do, “Todd said.”

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Finally, Todd made some optimistic proposals for the president, advising Democrats to focus on the upcoming r. 5 trillion spending bill and prospects on the side of Congress.

“I think next month is probably going to be difficult for him politically because he has to get this big bill through Congress. Willie, if he can pass this thing, Willie, I think he can start to breathe a little bit here, but he Got a lot here in a month. That’s for sure, ”Todd said.

President Biden will address the United Nations for the first time since taking office on Tuesday.

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