NBA rejects player’s request for religious exemption from wax – Home Games banned

Kovid tyranny is spreading.

An NBA player has not been given a religious exemption from the covid vaccine – and will no longer be able to play home games.

Fox News reports:

The NBA has denied Golden State Warriors player Andrew Wiggins a request for religious exemption so he can avoid the need for a San Francisco coronavirus vaccine to play in the team’s home arena.

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As a result, Wiggins will be unable to play home games at the Chase Center without a vaccine, according to ESPN.

The NBA said in a statement that it reviewed and rejected Andrew Wiggins’ request for religious exemption from the San Francisco Public Health Department’s order, requiring all participants 12 years of age or older to be vaccinated with Covid-1 vaccine at large indoor events.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health said Friday that all fans participating in the Games and Warriors players must be vaccinated.

It came as soon as the NBA was announced No. Players must be vaccinated.

But most staff and referees are being forced to get vaccinated.

ESPN reports:

According to a memo obtained by ESPN, the NBA told teams Friday that all team-controlled staff who work within 15 feet of a player or referee during a game must be fully vaccinated against Covid-1 against next season.

The guidelines specifically include coaches, front office members and coaches but not all players need to be vaccinated. The league-based vaccination of players is a matter of discussion with the National Basketball Players Association.

The NBA team has set October 1 as the deadline for employees to be fully vaccinated, and according to the memo, he may need a booster shot next time.

At the time of the announcement, The Gateway Pundit reported errors in the rules that made the vaccine mandatory even for players.

Players from all three teams are forced to take vaccinations in the cities where they play because of the Covid law.

Gateway Scholar reports:

Unfortunately, anti-American sales in the NBA have found a gap to fully vaccinate players from 3 teams. They told teams earlier this month that players from the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Net and Golden State Warriors would be forced to take ‘shots’ because of new Covid-1 laws in New York City and San Francisco. * Ba-da-baap *

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