NBA playoffs are here, and Russell Westbrook has the right

David Dow

Russell Westbrook

This is the play-off season, when the biggest stars of the game compete on the biggest, brightest platform: the pre-game tunnel. (I’ve been told there will be some basketball after the fashion show.) And Russell Westbrook is ready for the competition. The Wizards star helped his team knock out of the playoffs in the play-offs and face a tough first-round fight against the Philadelphia 76ers for their efforts. Westbrook will undoubtedly meet her challenge with her patented brand at 200 miles per hour – conveniently, the way she’s getting dressed. And his game 1 Fit was the perfect example: nothing too dirty – a simple tee, jeans, and sneak… oh, and a great little tartan kilt. As Rush himself may ask: why not?

Christopher Pollock / NBC


When you’re receiving the Artist Award of the Decade, as Drake did at the Billboard Music Awards last night, you’ve arranged that part যা which Drake did in this ultra-fine three-piece.

Nathaniel S. Butler

Tristan Thompson

This look has layers from head to toe. Above: A pretty fuzzy sweater. Less down? Two-knee work pants গুলো which are burning? Impressive. And on foot, are those… Yeezys? The real deal Nike Yejis? Tristan Thompson, good luck to you, for the most thoughtful fit we have in a few weeks.

Duane Procop

John Krasinski

Krasinski preached his long-delayed on the streets A quiet place II, And she’s dressing at the point between the actor and the director.

Christopher Pollock / NBC


At the Billboard Awards we don’t want to see the first formal-with-a-twist look!


Justin Bieber

The little bunnies are beautiful, but we’re really feeling the wide chino and crispy sneakers.

Barry Gosage

Devin Booker

Exactly how you want to dress up to play Playoff Terminator.

Todd Williamson / NBC


The TFW guys are all vaxxed and we can hang on again.

Barry Gosage

LeBron James

There is nothing fancy here: LA LeBron is an expert on the subject.

Todd Williamson / NBC

Bad rabbit

This is another BBMA look. Your standard pop goth … until you get on your feet. We see you, bad rabbit!

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