NASCAR Charlotte Live Race Updates, Results, Highlights from ROVAL 400

There will probably be chaos on Sunday as 39 cars are standing for the final race of the NASCAR Cup Series Play-off Round of 12.

Bank of America Roval will 00 on the road to Charlotte Motor Speedway will be the last chance for 11 of the 12 playoff drivers to go round advance. He is ahead in the playoff standings with 3,116 points. Kyle Larson dropped to second place after an accident in Taladega. He is 19 points behind Hamlin.

Chase Elliott, ranked seventh in the standings, has won over Charlotte’s 2.2-mile walk in the last two years. His other win on Sunday will give Hendrick Motorsport a perfect boost. The team has just one win in the playoffs (Larson) and two Hendrix drivers have had to face elimination. William Byron and Alex Bowman are both out of the top eight.

Chaos ensues as play-offs become more competitive. Monday’s weather-short race in Talladega, which was won by non-play-off driver Bubba Wallace, increased the chances of chaos in Charlotte Sunday.

Sporting News is tracking live updates and highlights of NASCAR’s playoff race on Sunday. Follow for complete results from Bank of America Roval 400.

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Highlights from NASCAR, ROVAL 400 in Charlotte Live Update

East all the time.

5:45: Kyle Larson went even further in the playoffs and crossed the checkered line and won the seventh race of his season.

5:43: Byron goes through two laps on the grass and between the walls. Buescher takes third and takes Larson to the final lap in nine seconds.

5:40: Trax Jr. spins behind the packet, at the risk of his playoff standing.

5:37: Larson extends away from Reddick and has a two-second lead over Byron who has four laps.

5:35: Byron reached third when Chris Busher aggressively pushed Hamlin into the corner.

5:33: Larson took the lead from Hamlin when he passed from the inside. Redlinic Hamlin fell to the front in third place.

5:29: Be careful to go with 10 times. Keseloski is in the final spot above the cutline.

5:26: Harwick misses a corner at Turn One and hits the wall. Harvick got out of his car because his hood was burning. The accident ended his chances of winning the playoff spot as he fell far below the cutline.

5:25: Larson enters Reddick and fights a second time.

5:23: Kurt Bush is forced to graze on the grass because he misses the chicken. Radick Larson passes to put pressure on Hamlin.

5:20: Hamlin leads following the green flag. Larson pressed his bumper into the six. Hamlin benefits by following the chicken.

5:14: Warnings have been issued for the wreckage after the wreckage.

5:11: Byron contacts the back, forcing him to miss the chicken and taking him back to 18th place.

5:10: Keselowski spins out and the track is closed after rubbing a rear tire. Following Chicken, he was forced to return to ninth place in the playoffs.

5:08: Hamlin leads the pack to the green flag after Radick. Larson is battling Byron as third.

5:04: Bowman was forced to retreat after speeding on Pitt Road.

5:00: Elliott’s bumper loose lollipop and caution was brought out with 223 people. Keseloski is five points ahead of the cutline and Harvic is five points down.

4:56: Elliott’s bumper slammed into his back after breaking the repair cover. He reportedly rubbed a left rear tire to go 26.

4:52: Hamlin leads Byron as he heads towards Pile Road. Following the pit stop, Hamlin returned to eighth place.

4:48: Danny Hamlin led after Buescher moved to Pitt Road. DiBenedetto nine seconds behind, then Byron. Two points above the Harvick cutline and two points below the Elliott Pitt stop.

4:45: Byron leads to Pitt Road. Kurt Bush is led by Chris Busher and Danny Hamlin.

4:40: Byron is two seconds ahead of Reddick and has 35 laps left.

4:34: Elliott confirmed he was losing in the lap for about a second and was running in 33rd place, with 39 points, 11 points below the cutline.

4:30: Danny Hamlin dropped to sixth after missing the back stretch chicken.

4:25: Larson passed the 1st Bush and returned.

4:20: Elliott reports three ads four rubbing a tire. He is ranked 36th out of 109th.

4:17: Almender goes to the side and falls backwards. He goes to Pitt Road and determines the engine failure of his car, which prevents him from running. Elliott is trying to meet the minimum speed.

4:12: Elliott fell below the cutline on his way to Pitt Road to assess the damage. Harwick appears to have suffered some damage to the front of his car.

4:10: Chase Elliott suffered severe damage to his track bar after Harvick’s contact that sent him to the wall. Cole Custer gets caught in the path and falls on the grass. Joey Logano escaped unharmed.

4:09: William Byron started the third phase followed by Austin Dillon and Danny Hamlin.

3:57: Elliott left Harwick behind in second place. Kyle Bush wins second round.

3:56: Larson returns until the seventh, and lands on the cutline in the final lap. Harvick falls below the cutline.

3:54: Bush proceeded towards Pitt Road to go to the second stage with three laps. Several cars follow and the crowd pits the road.

3:38: Christopher Bell turned around a lot and went off-track at turn 6.

3:36: Larson fell below the cutline with 13 seconds left in the second leg. He is struggling to hold his position in the middle of the pack while tackling the alternator belt issue.

3:34: Kyle Bush led Harvick and Byron cautioned.

3:32: Larson and Alex Bowman will go to Pitt Road to replace the batteries. Bowman changes his tires and turns green after his crew advises replacing the main battery at the end of the second phase. Larson changed his battery, but could not solve the problem with his crew alternator belt.

3:28: Ricky Steinhouse Jr. pushes Chase Briscoe, and turns him to the front. He has been warned to go again.

3:26: Kyle Larson cleared Almender and Harwick in third place.

3:20: Kyle Bush led from the first round and then William Byron. Kevin Harwick has fought Almender for the third time.

3:12: Elliott clears Almender and takes a win in the first round.

3:11: Blaney and Elliott became close with Almeddinger, who held the lead to the final lap.

3:10: Ryan Press rolls up and climbs over the wall. After evaluation, he can continue.

3:08: Almander and Blaney are fighting for the lead with caution.

3:05: Danny Hamlin gets a penalty for speeding on Pitt Road which forces him to start at the tail end of the field with four laps to go to the first stage.

2:59: Ryan Newman is suffering from a tire problem that caused him to spin and hit the wall, leaving only Kesselsky missing. Once back on Pitt Road, he’s sure for the day.

2:56: Blaney, Logano and Elliott increased their lead with eight laps from the pack to advance to the first round.

2:53: Kesselowski was pushed out by Alex Bowman. He is able to go again from behind.

2:49: Ryan Blaney led with caution. Joey Logano and Chase Elliott fought second in the pack.

2:44: Joey Logano was led by Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott during the caution.

2:42: Bell gets a penalty for speeding on Pitt Road.

2:41: Christopher Bell arrives at Pitt Road early for tires without fuel. Hamlin took to Pack Road before the competition alert.

2:38: Almirola takes a hit and goes for a short spin, but the pack goes behind.

2:32: Danny Hamlin went ahead early. Joey Logano and Brad Kesselski have fought for the second time.

2:30: The Roval 400 race is underway.

2:20: The engine is shot in front of the green flag.

2:10: The flyover begins the process of starting on the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

1:45: Drivers are being introduced before the race this afternoon. Charlotte is one of the most popular here.

1:30: NASCAR has confirmed that Garrett Smithley is moving backwards after multiple technical failures.

NASCAR starts today

  • Time: 2 p.m.
  • TV channels: NBC
  • Live:, NBC Sports App, fuboTV

The green flag for Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series playoff race at Charlotte Motor Speedway will go down at 2:30 p.m.

How to see NASCAR in Charlotte

  • TV channels: NBC
  • Live:, NBC Sports App, fuboTV
  • Radio: PRN

NBC’s programming will begin at 1 p.m. Rick Allen will handle the play-by-play call of the race. Dale Arnhard Jr., Jeff Burton and Steve Letert will provide analysis.

Snyder, Dave Burns and Parker Kligerman will be Pete’s reporters. Routledge Wood will provide additional reports during the competition.

NASCAR Cup Play-off Standing

Danny Hamlin advanced to seventh place in Talladega. He defeated Kyle Larson, who dropped to second place after finishing 37th due to a wreck. Larson also lost a lot of his cushions between his place and the playoff cut line. He will enter Sunday, 22 points ahead of ninth-ranked driver Kevin Harwick.

Lots of pressure on the play-off bubble after Taladegar. The difference between sixth place (Ryan Blaney) and ninth (Harwick) is only 15 points. Among the bird stands, the fact that 11 of the 12 drivers are still fighting for 8 rounds and the history of the destruction of the Roval, NASCAR reduced the playoffs by four drivers before promising more chaos on Sunday.

Location Driver Points
D Danny Hamlin 3116
2 Kyle Larson 3097
3 Joey Logano 3096
4 Brad Kesselowski 3095
5 Martin Trucks Jr. 3095
6 Ryan Blaney 3090
7 Chase Elliott 3084
8 Kyle Bush 3084
9 Kevin Harwick 3075
10 Christopher Bell 3056
11 William Byron 3040
12 Alex Bowman 3032

NASCAR start lineup in Charlotte

The full NASCAR start lineup for Sunday’s play-off race at Bank of America Roval Char00’s Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Start the pause. Driver Car no Team
D P-Danny Hamlin 11 Joe Gibbs Racing
2 P-Brad Kesselowski 2 Team Penske
3 Logano in P-Joe 22 Team Penske
4 P-Christopher Bell 20 Joe Gibbs Racing
5 P-Martin Trux Jr. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing
6 P-Ryan Blaney 12 Team Penske
7 P-Kevin Harwick 4 Stuart-Hass Racing
8 P-Chase Elliott 9 Hendrik Motorsports
9 P-Kyle Bush 18 Joe Gibbs Racing
10 P-Kyle Larson 5 Hendrik Motorsports
11 P-William Byron 24 Hendrik Motorsports
12 P-Alex Bowman 48 Hendrik Motorsports
13 Kurt Bush D Chip Ganasi Racing
14 Austin Dillon 3 Richard Childress Racing
15 Bubba Wallace 23 23XI Racing
16 Chris Boucher 17 Roush Fenway Racing
17 Eric Jones 43 Richard Petty Motorsports
18 Ricky Steinhouse Jr. 47 JTG Daugherty Racing
19 Michael McDowell 34 Front row motorsport
20 Anthony Alfredo 38 Front row motorsport
21 Arik Almirola 10 Stuart-Hass Racing
22 Chase Briscoe 14 Stuart-Hass Racing
23 Cole Custer 41 Stuart-Hass Racing
24 Ryan Newman 6 Roush Fenway Racing
25 Picture of Daniel Suarez placeholder 99 Trackhouse racing
26 Corey Lajoi 7 Spire Motorsports
27 Ross Chestain 42 Chip Ganasi Racing
28 Queen Hauf 00 Starcom Racing
29 Tyler Reddick 8 Richard Childress Racing
30 Matt de Benedetto 21 Wood Brothers Racing
31 Ryan Press 37 JTG Daugherty Racing
32 Cody Ware 51 Petty Wire Racing
33 AJ Almender 16 Kaulig race
34 Garrett Smithley 53 Rick Wire Racing
35 Scott Hackart 78 Live Fast Motorsports
36 Joey’s hand 52 Rick Wire Racing
37 Josh Biliki 15 Rick Wire Racing
38 Justin Haley 77 Spire Motorsports
39 Timmy Hill 66 Motorsports Business Management

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