My ex-wife soon got $ 8K for unemployment এবং and spent it. How can I stop him from giving me my money?

I have been paying every bill of my family for the last seven years. At the time, my wife was either out of work or only part-time. He has a disability, but that doesn’t stop him from working; This means that he moves at a slower pace. I’ve never relied on it for financial help or regular household items, and I’ve mostly done it myself.

He quit his job last March due to Covid-1 concerns. We didn’t think he would qualify for unemployment because he left the job voluntarily, but it turns out he qualified after all. I had no idea how much he was accepting. I just found out that he raised $ 8,000 to pay unemployment. I didn’t know it was so much – and the money had already been spent.

‘I asked her if it could cost her 8 8,000 without showing anything, especially since she didn’t let me pay any family bills.’

I asked her if she could spend 8 8,000 without showing anything for her, especially since she didn’t give me any money for the family. He can just say, “I don’t know.”

We are going to the divorce court and I want to present evidence of his financial recklessness, because I don’t want to give it to someone who is just going to waste it. Moreover, I know he will get another single cash soon, and there are no plans to help him with any bills.

Can I protect my own financial assets such as 401 (k), personal savings, etc., so that I can retain much of what I have earned if I can show that he has a track record of financial irregularities?

Furious soon ex-husband

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Dear husband,

Your marriage is coming to an end, and your wife – for better or worse – has chosen to spend $ 8,000 for herself, or save it in a place where you have no access. The money is hidden through the divorce court. If he can’t give an account of where he went, you may have an answer to his question during the divorce process.

If you have come up with a successful claim at the time of your divorce, your wife may be asked to return the money because she has wasted community funds. Wasteful spending may include concealed or unreasonable leave, money spent on extramarital affairs and transfer / concealment of assets before divorce or legal divorce.

The divorcing judge may submit financial records to determine if the marriage was spent recklessly for extra-marital purposes or if it occurred during the dissolution of the marriage, resulting in one party attempting to destroy the marital property. The court will consider this when dividing the property.

What’s more, if he takes another single meaning and it is No. An inheritance, which will probably be considered community property before your divorce. The argument in favor of the judge is almost “he has a check in his hand, but he did not cash it,” said Randall Castler, a divorce attorney based in Atlanta, Ga.

As your last question about your 401 (k) and other retirement accounts, you cannot use your wife’s alleged illicit behavior to undermine community-property law in your state, regardless of how unfair you think they are. “Usually, judges focus on something Is, What not WasKessler says.

He added, “Applying to the court may mean that an additional 8 8,000 should have been shared, and ask the court to deduct $ 8,000 from its share of whatever the final reward is.” “And if you can find evidence of funding coming to him in the future, it can help convince the judge that you can put something more to offset it.”

In the meantime, good luck finding your marriage, your new life, and a happy balance in your settlement that lets you move on.

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