Musk said Tesla will move its headquarters to Texas

Tesla is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas. Elon Musk, the chief executive of the threat posed during the depths of Covid-1 of last year, did a good job when he rejected asylum orders as fascist.

Musk, speaking off-the-cuff from Austin after the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, did not bring up politics and even insisted that Tesla’s activities in California would increase – “but more, here in Texas”.

“It simply came to our notice then. . . Tesla is leaving California, ”Musk said, adding that production at Fremont’s main plant would increase by 50 percent. “But we’re fine, we’re just hitting the side of the bowl. . . That’s right, huh. “

Musk noted the high cost of living in California and the limits of being able to scale in the Bay Area. Tesla’s current headquarters is in Palo Alto.

In Austin, where the cybertracks will be built, Musk said life is more affordable and easier to get to others: “It’s like five minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown.”

Texas does not allow Tesla outlets to bypass dealers and sell directly to consumers.

The move immediately drew some attention Criticism On social media, as observers have noted, California was instrumental in Tesla’s success as an electric car maker, providing subsidies for consumers to buy electric vehicles and expand Tesla’s production.

When Musk threatened to move Tesla’s headquarters “immediately” in May 2020, the Fremont plant was ordered to close due to the Covid-1 measures. Mask avoided the threat and said,Coronavirus panic dumb”, Then filed a lawsuit and started production without permission.

The anti-bureaucracy strategy won the musk fans in the heart of America. But in California, the reception was largely negative. One politician, Lorena Gonzalez, even tweeted: “F * ck Elon Musk,” adding that the state has “heavily subsidized” the company.

Governor Gavin Newsom even weighed in, telling CNBC in May 2020 that he was “not worried” about Tesla leaving the state “anytime soon.”

The move would be a boon for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who argued that abortion is not undermining access to the right to turn to politics, from gun bans and voting.

Abbott, referring to the recent abortion debate in the state over the new abortion ban, said the tech tycoon is a supporter of its conservative policy. Musk replied that he “likes to stay away from politics”.

In his speech on Thursday, the entrepreneur of South African descent also called for a carbon tax, saying it was “really necessary”. He acknowledged that the tax was in Tesla’s interest, but noted that this would hurt his personal space venture, SpaceX.

Musk said Tesla is interested in licensing its so-called autonomous technology-a driver-assistance system that critics call irresponsibly “completely self-driving”.

He added: “I think autonomy will be such a significant life saver and injury prevention that it’s not a technology we want to keep to ourselves.”

Earlier, at a meeting of shareholders, Tesla announced that longtime board member Antonio Gracias would resign. He has been an independent board member since 2010.

Tesla shares fell 0.5 percent in after-hours trading as it answered investors’ questions about the mask group’s outlook.

He said the production of Cybertrack, which was first unveiled in 2019, aims to reach the market within two years, “next year” and “should reach volume production in 2023”. He blamed “serious supply chain problems”, including a shortage of automated chips and the need for more battery cells.

Tesla reported a record quarterly delivery of 241,300 vehicles earlier this month, about 20,000 units from analysts ’estimates and 73 percent more than a year earlier.

There is a “good chance” of sustaining this kind of growth in the future, “if we can get the chips,” Musk said. “So hopefully, the shortage of this chip will go away soon, but I feel confident in being able to maintain something like this – at least 50 percent – for quite some time.”

Additional report by Justin Jacobs in Houston

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