Music helps open a free shop at Guna Former Middle School

Wrapper Guna And the Atlanta-based, nonprofit Goodyear has joined the force on numerous occasions in the past. Their recent joint effort will help 90,000 students as well as teachers.

Guna, 28, of his former high school in College Park, Georgia, Ronald E. The store, called Gunnar Drip Closet and Gooder Grocery Store, offers a variety of items: food, clothing, cosmetics and household items, all free for school families. According to Good morning America, The school has been identified as a Title 1, or in other words, a high-poverty secondary school. 1 September The grand opening of the store took place.

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“That’s all I wanted,” Gunna told Morning America during the amazing grand opening for the students. “I’m continuing to give back.”

Goodyear founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe said, “Millions of children rely on free breakfast and lunch at school, but then they go home and often don’t have access to the same things they get at school, so far. “

Goodyear’s mission is to eliminate food hunger and food wastage through massive initiatives. Crow and Guna’s latest charity effort does just that. In addition, Crow said, “I really want to give these kids a chance to be their adult and not have to worry about something simple, which I think should be a human right for everyone, such as being able to eat.”

“The rapper Guna came from this area and was actually a McNair alumnus. He wanted to give back to his community and chose McNair, “said school principal John Madden Jr. in a statement. CW69 Atlanta. “We’re just excited about this opportunity to be able to get this extra resource for our community.”

September 16 was a big day for Young Stoner Life-Sign. With the opening of the new store, Guna was also given her own day in South Fulton, Georgia, called Gunna Day.

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