‘Munsters’ reboot director Rob Zombie reveals the first appearance of the stars

Rob is peeking at zombie fans to reboot his “The Munsters”.

The 56-year-old musician and filmmaker went to Instagram on Monday to share a handful of photos from his project set and confirmed to several cast members.

The post featured actor Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sherry Moon Zombie as Lily Munster and Dan Robock as Grandpa Munster.

Dressed in full costume and makeup, the trio sat in chairs labeled with their names in front of a huge, haunted and slightly dilapidated palace, the iconic 1313 Mockingbird Lane – home to the giant family.

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The post যা which was all black and white photos এছাড়াও also had close-ups of each of the three stars in the costume.

“Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought it was time to meet Moon!” Zombie wrote in the caption. “Directly from the old Hungarian set I presented Herman, Lily and The Count in front of the just finished 1313 Mockingbird Lane.”

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Several fans took comments to express their excitement for the project.

“Yeah !! Can’t wait to see the performance,” one wrote. “I hope the picture comes [black and white]. “

“Yeah !!!! When I thought October couldn’t be better,” another shouted.

Musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie shared photos from his ‘Masters’ reboot set.
(Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images for IMDB)

The third added: “Ahhh !!! OMG !!!! Yes !!!! I’m so excited !!!!”

Much of the movie’s plot and cast has been kept secret since the announcement of the project, for some of the director’s behind-the-scenes social media posts.

Zombie fans offered to peek into the palace last week, sharing a picture of themselves with the house in the background.

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“Greetings from Hungary aka 1313 Mockingbird Lane,” he captioned the photo.

In August, Zombie shared a handful of construction sites that would eventually turn into fictional homes.

Original 'Masters' star (left to right): Pat Priest, Fred Guin, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick and Yvonne de Carlo.  The show ran from 1964-1966.

Original ‘Masters’ star (left to right): Pat Priest, Fred Guin, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick and Yvonne de Carlo. The show ran from 1964-1966.
(Photo by CBS / Getty Images)

“Mockingbird Lane now has a paved road!” He captioned the post. “Things are moving and grooved.”

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The director further hinted that he would use the practical effects not only for building a house, but also for the film, with another post behind the scenes from August, in which an actor covered their faces with a mold

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The zombie caption reads, “A lot of Munster action today at X Mortis Special Effects Studio,” “These guys are working overtime.”

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