Multilateralism still ‘the only way’ to address common challenges: Martyr – Global Issue

Covid-1a is a big challenge that “will not end until universal vaccination is available,” he said, announcing plans to convene a high-level meeting in January to discuss global inoculation efforts.

Noting that “humanity has seen tremendous amounts of sensitivity and solidarity with vaccines at record times”, the Assembly President said he was convinced that “we have the power to vaccinate the whole world.”

All we have to do now is work together to ensure that everyone who needs it gets the vaccine“We can’t just accept that less than three percent of people in Africa get a shot,” he argued. “Other regions are already operating boosters.”

‘For man, for the planet’

To address other global threats of climate change, the Assembly President will convene on October 26, Delivering Climate Action in a Hybrid Format – an event for people, for the planet and for prosperity.

“This event will focus on the gap between current and necessary technical and financial capabilities to achieve the 1.5 degree target …[and] To show how that gap can be filled. “

Mr Shahid said that in early November in Glasgow, Scotland, there would be an opportunity for member states, civil society and others to come together to “keep an eye on initiatives to increase COP26’s ambitions”.

FAO / Frederick Lernerid

Farmers are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate crises, such as extreme heat, rising sea levels, droughts, floods and locust infestations.

‘Halhuashi Dialogue’

The Assembly President announced that he would continue informal discussions with the Permanent Representatives, such as the “Halhuashi Dialogues”, explaining that in his native Maldives, Haluashi is an exchange meeting place and an important issue for the community.

He said five such sessions would be held, “to bring the spirit of Halhushi to the assembly” and “to create a space for dialogue, exchange of views and discussion on solutions”.

The first will focus on people and climate change: “This connection to the events we are planning in October, focusing on the theme of climate change led to COP26”.

Gender-balance tide turning

As the effects of the epidemic continue, Mr. Shahid noted that it is becoming increasingly clear To build better, “a strong penis lens is important for response and recovery”.

For example, he announced that he would reconstitute the Advisory Board to the President of the General Assembly on Gender Equality.

“If we do not take the necessary steps for this tide, the latest study will take us more than 1,135. over years,” said a UN official. “We have to be faster than that”

Mr Shahid explained that the board would bring together “a broad mix of competencies” from member countries, UN management, the private sector and others to ensure a “truly inclusive approach to a multilateral approach” to advance gender equality. Work of the 76th Session.

“This board will serve as a mechanism to help mainstream a gender perspective through all my initiatives and orders for this session,” he said.

Travel diplomacy

Mr Shahid said he was heading straight to the UAE to visit Dubai Expo 2020, then an official visit to the Maldives and then to Serbia, for a conference marking the 30th anniversary of the first conference. Alliance neutral movement.

Earlier, President Shahid spoke in an exclusive interview with UN News.

President of Hope: Abdullah Shahid, President of the upcoming UN General Assembly

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