Mr. Beast has joined Stellar’s Army of Backers in Metawar

MetaWars is ready to launch to the stars after raising $ 2.3 million in seed capital, none other than the main YouTube star Mr. Beast has completed the list of seed investors.

Extremely popular American content creators and philanthropists are expanding their cryptocurrency investment portfolio this year, and so the MetaWars team is particularly pleased to have its support with seasoned venture capital firms after closing their strategic rounds.

Mr. Beast has joined ABV, Raptor Capital, CinchBlock, x21,, Double Peak, Magnus Capital, Everse Capital, Infinity Gainz, and Icetea Labs to raise funds for the ambitious and exciting MetaWars project.

With these highly influential supporters and their enough reach on the ship, the MetaWars team is efficiently positioned to hit the marketing stratosphere and be fully focused on creating the best space games on the blockchain.

Huge potential for metaware

MetaWars is a multiplayer sci-fi strategy game set in the future that will require both skill and strategy to master. A multi-level, core strategic battlefield is an intergalactic setting for players to benefit from the game’s combat economy in a space exploration scene.

Inside the game, players must explore new universes, solve mysteries, claim territories, and defend their acquired wealth from opponents in the metavers. Anyone can create their own unique experience with the ability to exercise control over the game’s ecosystem.

Players can bet, play-earn, and collect NFT collectibles through challenges, all in the form of MetaWars’ Utility Token ($ WARS) and gain in-game currency ($ GAM) to help maximize that profit. Can 6 According to the design of the game, even the best players will become the richest.

The right place to enter

Video games have brought unprecedented growth to the cryptocurrency industry this year, with over $ 50 billion raised in the first half of the year alone through investments, acquisitions and public offers in the blockchain gaming sector.

This is catalyzed by the growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and similar growth in popularity, more than quadrupling the number produced in 2020, which now plays a central role in any video game title launching in the second half of the blockchain. 2021.

With the advent of decentralized financing (DeFi) over the past two years, GameFi – which is just a combination of DeFi and gaming – is already changing the way major stakeholders and investors find value.

In short, users can make money by playing video games. This is especially important for projects that aim to serve a larger community who want a loyal vase of users to use their tokens and engage with their products. And so the term play-to-earn was created.

So it’s no surprise that Mr. Beast – one of the world’s largest YouTubers with 71.6 million subscribers and a public passion for video games – has chosen to invest in Metaware, one of the most promising headlines that wants to maximize the power of GameFi. His own personal interest in gaming makes his investment in the next huge trend no-brainer.

Preparing for the coming war

MetaWars is currently hosting an NFT auction to provide the public with matches and additional resources. Rewards are valuable assets that will help players in the game. To learn more about the auction, go here.

With $ 2.3 million seed funding secured, the next step in MetaWars is preparing for the WARS public sale in three top launchpads.

MetaWars will operate its public offering on GameFi, Red Kite and Polylancher on October 27th, before being listed on Pancake Swap, the leading decentralized exchange in the Binance Smart Chain.

Follow the official MetaWars channels for more information and to stay up to date with developments.

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